coerced masturbation

Coerced masturbation torment gets twisted with Miss Brighton’s Orgasmo Machine. 1-800-601-6975

coerced masturbationThere are times when the word NO, doesn’t mean “no cumming.” In the case of coerced masturbation, this holds true. And it is my favorite form of revenge on a disobedient sub who has a hard time following directions. Coerced masturbation simply means you will be masturbating – and you might even be cumming – but you’re not going to enjoy it nearly as much as you might think. You’d better wipe that smile off your face pet, this is not going to go the way you’d planned.

Coerced Masturbation – The Orgasmo Machine

As you’re strapped to the long table, helpless and confused, your eyes are drawn to the penis pump, and the tube extending out the other end of it. Traveling the length of the tube there is a large canister attached, meant to collect every drop of fluid, extracted from your greedy cock. You realize all too quickly, that having your coerced orgasms drawn from you with no control over them, may be rather excruciating. I smile down at you as I slide the pump onto your helpless dick, and lock the device in place.

Mistress Revenge With Coerced Orgasms

Your cock wasn’t hard when I locked you into the pump, but as I flip a switch and the click and whir of the pump coming to life as it works up and down your dick, you cannot help but get hard at the motion. You start to struggle, pleading eyes begging me to set you free. Desperate promises to be a good boy. I look down at you, smiling, and very clearly mouth the word: NO.




NO. You may not be released.

NO. You may not stop cumming.

NO. You may not stop stroking.

To your horror, you feel the impending urge to release. As the very first rush of cum spurts from your cock, sucked through the tube and into the canister, you hear the pump begin to speed up.  Above your head the cum eating funnel awaits you. Once enough cum has been collected, it will be fed right back to you as sustenance.  Maybe you should have done as you were told, hmm?  Mistress Brighton sits in her chair, sipping a glass of wine, and chuckling, building to uncontrollable laughter, as your screams echo through the chamber.

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Mistress Brighton