masturbation may updates 2017

Miss Brighton has updates for you, and she wants you to go fuck yourself, for Masturbation May 2017 1-800-356-6169

UPDATE 5/7/17:

Still waiting for the CPU fan, in the meantime I got a new laptop and I am in world as we speak, so if you want to do a session send me a message on skype or via my email.

Greetings earthlings! Here’s the updates on all things Mistress Brighton this month. There’s a lot going on this month, including three contests for Masturbation May, and a Virtual sissy event. I mentioned this in my previous post, so here’s the update part. I have some good news, and I have some not so great news. And I have links! Lots and lots of links!

The Not So Great News

I have a dead CPU fan at the moment, on the pc I use for all thing virtual, which means until the part gets replaced (or I get a new pc) I will not be in world. In the world of technology, unfortunately sometimes things don’t work the way you need or want them to. I could go on a huge rant about the pc issues, but I WILL say that for an 8 month old pc, it worked more often than it didn’t. Thank the computer gods for that! And I’m grateful it’s under warranty. However since I’m not all that happy with what I read about the co. I bought it from, I’ll be shopping for yet another gaming pc. I should have the part delivered hopefully in the next couple of days, I’ll keep you posted.

The Good News

While I can’t do in world sessions at the moment, I can still help you get set up  virtually, via skype sessions. If you would like to schedule a skype session with me to get you ready to rock virtually, you can either set up a session via sexy texting, or call 1-800-356-6169. You will find that it’s a lot easier having someone assist you if you’re new to virtual gaming, and I’m happy to help!

Links And Your Ticket To The Blog Train

Now onto the fun stuff! I have a few posts floating around at the moment, and we’ve got a masturbation may blog train going, so here’s what you miss so far, if you haven’t been following along.

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