life hacks and vents

Brighton’s got her meanie face on! It’s time for life hacks and vents! 1-800-6001-6975

Woweee buddy! So much has happened this week, and I have soooo much I want to talk about. Things that I have discussed with people who are dear to me and got me to thinking about life hacks and vents. Something major did happen, to someone who is dear to me, and I have dealt with my own challenges in the past week, and I’m seeing all sorts of shenanigans afoot. So without fail, here’s my airing of grievances and such. And advice for being awesome. Onward!!

Miss Brighton’s Vent

Dear men: GROW THE FUCK UP! JFC there are women in this world that are supportive of you and want you to have that support and want you to be heard and.. and… ugh! I am fortunate that I have a wonderful fuck toy of a snack that adores me, but I’m really sick and tired of assholy men that expect things to be handed to them without having to work for it or be accountable for their behavior. And I see a lot of things online that would NEVER happen in real life because these people have a computer screen to hide behind. Just grow up already, and you are accountable for your behavior, you do have something called male privilege, however in my world you are NOT getting a fucking pass. See how not to be an asshole.

Life Hacks For Femdoms And Other Sex Workers… And Women In General

I know the risks associated with being a sex worker, yes even those of us who only do phone sex. There are people in the world that are simply just unhappy, and they are miserable unless you are miserable too. But there is something you can do about that. 1. GET RID OF PEOPLE IN YOUR LIFE WHO DISRESPECT YOUR TIME, ENERGY, LOVE, FEELINGS, LINE OF WORK… you can add to that list. 2. Online edition: USE THE FUCKING BLOCK AND MUTE BUTTONS THEY ARE YOUR FRIENDS. Trolls love to engage and pull people into e-arguments, they feed off of negative energy. So I’m gonna tell you to ignore them.

Life Hacks Continued: Ghosting And Being A Juvenile Asshat

Fuck that noise, is what I say to grown men who choose to take the cowardly route. It’s called ghosting and it’s when you stop talking to and cut off communication with someone for no reason. It’s abusive; it’s a form of emotional manipulation, and it’s sh*tty. If you have an issue, have some fucking integrity and tell the person, for fuck’s sake. We live in a world of pansy ass twatknockers where everyone is afraid to say what’s on their mind, and with that I will say this again, I’ve said it fifty times maybe? Anything I say on here I will say straight to your face. If I wanna fight you in lime jello I will tell you. Sidenote: It’s okay to block and ghost abusive people. They do not deserve your time. As for ghosting, if you have something you want to share, I will listen so long as you’re respectful. The very second you start acting sh*tty, I stop listening. Deal? Deal.

Questions? Comments?

If the above is unclear and you’d like me to elaborate, or you don’t know WTF I am talking about, I would be happy to do so, just ring me up! 1-800-601-6975 is where you can reach Mistress Brighton. Your feedback is appreciated. Be respectful, and I might reward you with a kick in the nuts if that’s something you get off on.


Mistress Brighton