Indulge your spanking fetish with Mistress Brighton 1-800-601-6975

Indulge your spanking fetish with Mistress Brighton 1-800-601-6975

Some of you may know of a particular kink I have, if you’ve gotten to know me a little bit, and some of you may not. So I’d like to take the time to enlighten you on one of my favorite fetishes of them all: Spanking. I remember reading somewhere online, that two things we hated when we were younger, were spankings and naps. Two things we love now that we’re older? Spankings and naps. LOL!

Nothing Says You Care Like A Rosy Bum

I’m not really sure where my spanking fetish started, but I do recall sneaking a read of an article in an adult magazine, that discussed the writers first time seeing a woman spanked, and how she writhed and cried out, begging to be released. The person administering her punishment held fast, her ass swaying and bouncing with each slap of his bare hand.  Just the mere thought of getting a spanking, or giving one, makes my panties wet. So I’m always excited when I talk to someone who likes a good spanking as much as I like giving them!

Hand Or Paddle?

The only thing I like more than getting a spanking, is giving one to a well deserving submissive who’s earned it. What I am curious about, is the preference of using your bare hand, or a paddle, hairbrush. You’ve got a lot of choices, but my top two would be 1. bare hand 2. a nice, wide paddle. I like the sound my hand makes as it comes into contact with your bare cheeks, as I punish your ass with one stinging slap after the other. And of course, as someone – who shall remain nameless – found out, I LOVE the exquisite “whacking” sound, a paddle makes, when you’re bent over a chair or table with your cheeks exposed.

Spanking To Orgasm

In the event that I’m in a generous mood and decide to let you cum for me, I do have a preference in regards to what position I have you in when I spank you, as well. Over the knee, either naked from the waist down, or completely naked, with your erect cock, resting between my warm thighs. With every strike, your hips bucking until that magical moment of release, when you spill your seed all over the floor.

Of course, pet, you will be required to clean up that mess you made. Waste not, want not… lick it up!

If you like what you’re reading so far, and you think you can handle a spanking session with yours truly, I’ll be looking forward to hearing from you. But in the meantime, keep that ass warm, for me. *wink*

Enjoy your week, pets.

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