Coachella Vacation Sex

Coachella Vacation Sex. 1-800-601-6975

So, I have returned to the Midwest, after spending four days in the 95 degree heat of Palm Desert, and if you read the title: Coachella Vacation Sex, I’m sure you’re wondering just what I got up to. Well, the answer is easy, darlings: I GOT OFF. Every single day, sometimes twice a day, and was wickedly shameless in doing so. There is something about fun, sun, and good sex.

Coachella Vacation Sex: A New Boy Toy

Although I can’t say he’s just a boy toy. I mentioned before that I always end up making out with cute red haired Scottish boys at Coachella – and I did that too – but I believe I have met my desert soulmate. I think I’m in lust! He isn’t Scottish, he’s English, 29, amazing body, face of an angel (kinda looks like Jon Snow), an ass you can bounce a quarter off of… and he fucks like a stallion. We met at the hotel I was staying at, and proceeded to get to know each other by the pool, went out for Mexican food and margaritas, and ended up fondling each other in the hot tub. Which… led to fucking in the hot tub…. which led to fucking in the shower… and then the bed. You get the idea. He made me scream in the best way possible, and I lost count of how many orgasms I had between the hot tub and the hotel room.

Boys Who Like Toys

Not only is the new boy toy good with his cock, his mouth… his fingers, but he is sexually uninhibited, and likes getting fucked with a strapon, as much as he likes fucking. So, I wasn’t the only one screaming this past weekend.. no. I would say that quite a few of the orgasms I had were from losing myself with reckless abandon, while pounding away at his fuck hole, and hearing his moans of pleasure and screaming my name, sending me right over the delicious edge. I have a thing for vocal men who aren’t afraid to tango with my disco stick. My pussy is still tingling from his cock, and his tongue, and my body twitches with delight whenever I think of him fisting the sheets on my bed as I thrust into him. Did I mention I had a roomie with me in Coachella, too? Yeah, she snagged herself a sweet lil bitch, too. Want more juicy details of my Coachella Valley vacation? Call 1-800-601-6975 and ask for Brighton.