London Calling

London Calling – Mistress Brighton is headed to the UK 1-800-601-6975

I meant to have this blog done LAST week, but that didn’t happen, so here it is. Do you remember on my last blog post, that I mentioned there was another reason I was so giddy and loopy last week? If you missed it, you can check it out on my sploshing phone sex blog. But not to worry, I won’t keep you in suspe- what? No no no it’s not a chewbacca mask. Although I wouldn’t mind owning one of those. My reason for being so giddy is that I’m going to London! In two days!

London Calling – The Saga Continues

Last month I met this really hot brit – remember the coachella dreaming post? Yes, THAT guy. He and I got into some trouble, although it was the good kind of trouble, like making so much noise while you’re having sex that you wake the couple in the next room. Or just nearly getting caught having sex in a hot tub. Well he and I kept in touch, and as it turns out, I had this trip planned a couple of months ago – before I met him – and as luck would have it, he lives in London, and we’ll be meeting up when I get there. I have the sneaking suspicion sleep is not going to be on the menu…

Wanderlust Will Lead You

Now keep in mind I’ve NEVER been to London. I’ve been to Dublin and Belfast, but I didn’t quite make it across the pond. So I’m very excited, I have an idea of what I want to do when I get there, and I’m going to see a play that’s currently running in the west end. Gaaaaahhhhh so excited! So really this blog entry is a heads up, that if you want to talk to me you have until midnight on May 30th (technically midnight May 31st)  to do so. I will be back the following week on June 7th. And honestly the other reason I’m happy about this trip, is because it is NEEDED for the sake of my sanity. I like to travel and get a change of scenery, and if I had my way I’d probably travel 4 or 5 times a year. But while I’m gone I don’t want you to be sad, the mistresses of LDW will take good care of you until I get back. If you need or are looking for a mistress to call, I would recommend you check out the masturbation may blog train, and you can select a mistress directly from there if you like. You know the drill, call 1-800-601-6975 to talk to your favorite mistress. With that said, Happy Sunday, and if I don’t speak to you before I leave, I’ll be back after the 7th to tell you all about my shenanigans. And yes this blog post was inspired by The Clash song, also titled: London Calling.

Love and kisses,

Mistress Brighton