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If you’re toying with the idea of cum eating, but you’re a cowardly chicken who’s afraid to eat his own sperm, then beginners cum eating is for you. Most of my hardcore cum eaters have NO problem eating their load for me, no matter the taste or consistency, but there’s a few of you that are all talk and need a dominant kick in the ass from my bitch boots. Instead of whining about the taste, why not just man up and swallow? But you need help getting to the manning up and swallowing, eh pussy bitch? Very well then, I have a few tips for you!

Beginners Cum Eating

I’ve suggested this before, and I’m suggesting it again: Start with your precum. If you are not a dribbler, then cum into your hand, and then dip a finger in and taste it. One little dab of your own jizz is a lot easier than slurping up your load like oysters on a half shell. From there work your way up. As with anything that’s new to you, you want to start slow if your cum eating squeamish and then work your way to glory. I’ve seen men drink shot glasses of their cum, drank it from a bowl, licked it off a plate. My favorite though, is self cum facials. I’m talking legs over the head and try to aim it directly into your own mouth. There are men that can do this, and as your cum eating trainer, I will stop nothing short of you giving yourself a cum facial.

Cum Facials And Cum Eating

Nothing says “I love my Goddess” more, than taking it in the face for me. And if you want to show me your undying devotion, there are a few ways to do that, and one of them involves full body sploshing phone sex, but right now we’ll stick to cum facials! There is something powerful about holding a man’s legs over his head and making him cum all over his own face and eat it. Obviously for some of you, it’s easier to do it when someone is right there holding you accountable, but make no mistake. I’m holding you accountable for eating your own cum while on the phone with me, even if I can’t see you. And I have an old saying, “you wouldn’t disappoint your Mistress, would you?” Failure is the ultimate shame of a submissive, and you will wear it like a scarlet letter across your face, if you punk out… PUNK!

Food Play And Cum Eating

If your name is melon fucker, or churchmouse, then you already know where this is going. Both of these depraved sluts have done things with food that would make Betty Crocker blush, and they put on an award winning show! As the name suggests, melon fucker does just that, before eating his load. Churchmouse has licked so many cum covered inanimate objects that I’m pretty sure he’s marked every item in his house. LOL!!! And there was that one time, in band camp, when he fucked a roast chicken, came in it, and then ate it….. while I laughed my ass off.  So this is just to let you know, that cumming in food and then eating it, for some, is sometimes an easier way eat your cum, and no less humiliating!

There Are Far Worse Things To Eat Than Cum

Just remember that. No I’m not going to elaborate, I’m pretty sure we both know what I’m talking about. So just imagine if you will, that you’ve got a smorgasbord of delicacies in front of you, and eating your own cum is the least disgusting of your options. I bet you’ll down your little swimmers so fast you won’t think twice about what you just did, and what you just avoided! So now that we’re on the subject of coached cum eating, where to start? Well duh… you call me! Dial 1-800-601-6975 and ask for Mistress Brighton. Would you like a custom cum eating audio from me? Order custom audios online! Just follow the link. If you want to find my pret a porter phone sex audios, click the highlighted link. Happy cum eating, fuck faces!


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