Nacho pet is back and in even more trouble! Skelewhore vs. nacho joe part 3 and the jello cage wrestling match is back too! 1-800-601-6975

Happy Masturbation May! When we last left nacho pet, he was in trouble for putting someone on a ceiling fan by their balls, and mistaking Evil Lyn for a Mistress. Here’s part three of skelewhore vs. nacho, let’s see what kind of trouble the masturbators of the universe are in now! Oh… and we’re bringing back the jello caged wrestling match of doom!

Skelewhore Vs. Nacho Joe Part 3

“But it wasn’t my fault, Mistress.” Beastman says sniveling.

“Sure Beastman. It’s never your fault is it? So why don’t you tell me whose fault it is.” Evil Lyn says

“It was Nacho. He’s always trying to get me in trouble, Mistress.” Beastman replies hoping to get out of trouble.

“So you’re saying that even though I sent you to get my tea, that you had Nacho make it?” Evil Lyn asks, one white eyebrow raising.

“That’s not true Mistress.” Nacho calls from the other room. “I didn’t do anything to your tea Mistress.”

“Nacho. What have you been told about listening to conversations that don’t pertain to you.” Evil Lyn asks

“Listen as much as possible so I have lots of gossip to tell you, Mistress.” Nacho says lying through his teeth. “Plus this did pertain to me. Beasty is trying to get me in trouble for something I had nothing to do with.”

“I’m fed up with you two. Follow me.” Evil Lyn commands as she walks down the hallway.

Marched To The Principal’s Office – That Being Miss Brighton

She stops at Ms. Brighton’s office door. She takes a moment to compose herself. Just because Ms. Brighton can be quite spirited when she wants to be.

“Come in.” Ms. Brighton’s voice calls out when Evil Lyn knocks. Ah, Lyn, To what do I owe this pleasure?

“I need some advice. These two are constantly bickering, and trying to get each other in trouble. I’ve tried every punishment I can think of, but nothing seems to work. Plus Nacho is still lying to me.” Evil Lyn says peevishly.

“Nacho. Are you lying to Ms. Lyn?” Ms. Brighton asks.

“Yes Goddess.” Nacho says. “But you did say I was supposed to help train her on dealing with difficult pets, my Goddess.”

“True. We will have to talk about this later, Nacho.” Ms. Brighton says with an exacerbated sigh.

“Yes Goddess.” Nacho says with more fear than Evil Lyn was used to seeing on him.

“Now that the lying has been taken care of, we can deal with this feud. Nacho, I expect better than this from you.” Ms. Brighton says, the disappointment heavy in her voice.

“He started it, Goddess.” Nacho whined.

“I don’t care who started it. I’m going to put an end to it. You both are confined to your rooms for the remainder of the day.” Ms. Brighton says dismissively.

Punishment Fit For Bratty Bickering Submissives

Nacho and Beastman leave. Evil Lyn can hear them bickering as they make their way to the stairs.

“What are you going to do with them?” Evil Lyn asks her mentor.

“This is something that you haven’t experienced yet. It’s going to be great fun. If you’ll excuse me beautiful, I’ve got preparations to make.

Later that night Evil Lyn gets a message to meet Ms. Brighton outside. She gets dressed in a dark purple corset and matching short skirt. Thigh high boots finish her look.

She gets outside and stands in shock for several seconds. Looking up at the large seating area around a huge cage that was filled with Jell-o.

“Hi Lyn. Welcome to the steel cage jell-o wrestling ring.” Ms. Brighton says cheerfully in greeting.

“What… What is this?” Evil Lyn asks, completely confused.

“I used to hold a wrestling competition between all the subbies. They were wildly popular but they took so much time to set up. I think this will be the perfect way to settle the problems between Nacho and Beastman.” Ms. Brighton explains.

“Evil Lyn takes a seat close to the cage. All around her she sees dominant women with their submissives.

The Jello Wrestling Match – Subs vs. Subs

“My fellow femdoms.” Ms. Brighton says into a microphone. “You are all here to watch a grudge match between our favorite trouble maker, Nacho Joe, and a relative newbie to our ways, named Beastman.”

Several of the Mistresses laughed and started calling out other possible names for Beastman. Some of them Evil Lyn made sure to remember as they were quite clever.

The two combatants enter the cage from opposite sides. Beastman looks around as he tries to figure out what is going on. A sadistic grin comes to Nacho’s lips as he recognizes the steel cage, and Jello pit.

“Your referee in charge will be none other than the three time undefeated champion, JemJem.” Ms. Brighton calls out.

A pretty pink princess looking girl enters the cage. Giving a little curtsey to the assembled Mistresses. The grin on Nacho’s face falls as he sees his rival.

At a motion from JemJem they meet in the middle of the pit.

“You two know the rules. There are no rules. I expect a dirty fight, with lots of shenanigans. If knocked down, you have to the count of ten to get back up. Nacho, I’m expecting a lot out of you.” JemJem says in way of going over the rules.

“This isn’t fair. The referee is friends with Nacho.” Beastman complains.

“Shut up Beastman. If you knew their history, you wouldn’t be worried in the slightest.” Ms. Brighton says as she walks out of the cage.

Let’s Get Ready To Rumble!

A bell chimes starting the match. Each person’s favorite weapon falls from the ceiling. Beastman’s whip, and a platter of nachos for Nacho.

JemJem backs out of the way, spinning in her pretty pink dress, and revealing that she isn’t wearing any panties.

Nacho attacks first. Flinging hot cheese at Beastman’s face. Having seen this move already, Beastman easily avoids the cheesy attack, and lashes out with his whip. The whip wraps around Nacho’s legs and sends him splashing into the lime jell-o.

JemJem comes over and starts to count. Only getting up to three before Nacho is back up, and throwing jell-o at Beastman.

As Nacho predicted Beastman ducks to avoid the jiggly projectiles. Nacho closes the distance and tackles Beastman to the ground.

Beastman uses his superior strength to get on top of Nacho. Almost pinning him, but unable to finish Nacho off.

Nacho struggles valiantly, but is no match for Beastman in a grapple. Nacho knows he needs to be sneakier if he wants to win.

Nacho sees his saving grace. With a last desperate effort, he kicks Beastman off. Nacho moves to the edge of the cage before looking up at his best chance to win.

Nacho Pet’s Secret Weapon

“CC. This guy is the one who makes midget clown porn.” Nacho screams out.

A brown smoke fills the cage. The sound of retching coming from the clouds center. Out steps the one. The only Cannibal.

“Cannibal. That red fur ball is trying to shut down Sh_tty Wok.” Nacho tells Cannibal.

Like a bolt of lightening Cannibal reaches Beastman and the two disappear in another cloud of brown smoke.

“Winner, by way of d**th by Garage, Nacho Joe.” JemJem announces.

Some of the Mistresses come down to spank Nacho, while others chastise him for using such a dirty trick to win. Nacho sits in the cage and eats the rest of his nachos while accepting all the mistresses have for him.

Cookie Cannibundt Saves The Day

Well now I’m surprised jemmie wasn’t wearing panties… or maybe I’m not LOL! Anyway I used to have yearly EE cage matches where all the members would have to fight each other for the Mistresses amusement. This was a fun blast from the past, and maybe if there’s enough interest we’ll bring them back! In the meantime you can spank- I mean THANK nacho pet for that story, but I am not cleaning up the mess!  So here’s some Masturbation May news before I close out: Multi-Mistress phone sex is 20% off this month! 10 minute calls are only 20.00 from 3am to 9am Eastern! And cock control is our site of the month! Since it’s masturbation may, I’d encourage you to get my animated gooning calendar and edge your way to victory! Or at least to not cumming. If you need more help or want me to control your cock, call me! Dial 1-800-601-6975 and ask for Mistress Brighton. Hope you enjoyed the story!


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