Halloween At The Locktober Museum

Here’s a hilarious story submission from nacho joe! Call Mistress Brighton 1-800-601-6975

I just want you all to know that I have absolutely nothing to do with nacho writing this story. (deadpan face) It’s not like he called me to wish me a happy birthday and we started talking about fucking pumpkins or anything. And we totally did not start talking about how I would torment the headless horseman’s neck pussy. No… I would never encourage *snortlaugh* my subs to write such filth! HOWEVER! Do enjoy this after Halloween pumpkin fucking hell fest. Because I certainly did!

The Headless Horseman vs. Nacho Joe

In a heavily wooded area of New York, right beside the Hudson River. A new house suddenly appeared as if by magic. The house is a gorgeous three story home. A huge area was cleared away for a yard, and a swimming pool, with a deck that would allow someone to get sun no matter where in the sky the sun was.

Ms. Brighton takes a step outside. She is a gorgeous woman with thick dark hair, and a body that looks like it was sculpted from bronze. Her brown eyes are big and look so innocent. Her voice sounds so happy and cheerful. You would not believe what she is capable of. She is wearing a filmy red dress. She looks around and nods her head once before turning back inside and shouting for coffee.

A Magical House Near The Hudson

If anyone would have come by this house, they would have heard screams of pain, and evil laughter filling the glade. Smoke would have been seen coming from one of the windows but none others.

Near dark I emerge from the house. My face still flush from my undeserved punishment. I have to walk gingerly as my poor butt tries to recover from the thirteen ghost peppers Ms. Brighton stuffed me with tonight.

She has sent me into town to get things for the cakes that she’s making to help a sub celebrate eating his first load of cum. She has given me a rather extensive list of things, yet there are several things missing. After looking behind me several times to make sure she isn’t watching, I add several more things to her list.

Cake Sploshing Cum Eating Provisions

I get to the store, and the cashier tries to send me away. I inform them that Ms. Brighton says I am allowed to shop while naked. At the mention of her name, the cashier goes pale.

“Oh. Yes. She did say you were coming. If you’ll give me the list I will get everything for her, I mean you.” He stammers.

I know that he must be one of her clients. No one could fear her unless if they have been subjected to her evil whims.

I hand him the note. A part of me thinks I should be nervous since some of the list isn’t written in her delicate hand, but I know from experience that this poor guy will fill the order as written in a vain attempt to get on her good side.

Her Royal Shopping Bitch

He leads me to a waiting area. It is very bosh and looks like it was designed for Ms. Brighton’s comfort. I sit down in one of the overstuffed chairs and begin snacking on some nachos that I have in my back pack.

An hour later the man return. His hands rubbing together in front of him. His eyes looking around to see if maybe Ms. Brighton has shown up.

“Everything has been gathered. Please let Ms. Brighton know that I paid for everything so that she doesn’t have to worry about a bill later.” He says.

I know he’s hoping that this little gesture will convince her to give him what he wants. Yet, like most men, he doesn’t know what he actually wants.

“I will let her know.” I say reassuringly.

Groceries For Brighton’s Pavilion

I leave the store and start making my way home. The night is dark, and a half moon is my only source of light.

Fortunately the trail that I took to the store is clearly marked, and mostly free of obstructions.

I move slowly down the path. I know by not hurrying that I am incurring her wrath, but what else is new. As she is so fond of saying, I am always in trouble. Might as well make the most of it.

As I contemplate my life choices, I hear the clip clop sounds of a horse. I look behind me and am surprised to see a man on a horse. That in itself is not surprising. What is is that he has a pumpkin for a head.

The Pumpkin Fucker Horseman

He grabs his head and throws it at me. The pumpkin explodes a few feet away from me. When I look back, the horseman has a new head.

He goes to ride me down but I manage to fling myself to the side just in time.

I get back up. Dusting myself off as I look up the trail where the headless horseman is waiting for me.

“Do you think you scare me pumpkin face? You are nothing to me. I am the pet of the demoness Brighton. Compared to her you are about as scary as a carrot is to a rabbit. Now you are in trouble. Ms. Brighton is not here to control my more wild impulses so I can be the naughty pet that I was born to be.” I say bouncing with glee.

Femdom Food Humiliation

Femdom Food Humiliation just in time for Thanksgiving! 1-800-601-6975

Nacho Does What Nacho Does Best

The headless horseman again throws his head at me. This time I take off running. Knowing as I do that that is exactly what the headless horseman wants me to do.

I hide deep in the forest. As I wait for the headless horseman to find me, I reach into my back pack. Pulling out the jar that Ms. Brighton insist I have with me at all times, I open the lid. Pulling out one of her special Carolina Reapers, I cut it up into the smallest pieces that I could. Finding a likely place, I pour the reapers, and the juice over a tasty looking patch of grass.

The headless horseman approaches. I can see his horse searching the ground for something good to eat. It takes a bite of grass from the patch that I doctored up.

The horse starts sneezing and bucking as the hot pepper and juice burns it way down to the horse’s stomach. It begins bucking like mad at the sudden burning sensation.

Queening Femdom

A Very Spicy Pumpkin

Without warning the horse disappears from under the headless horseman. He falls to the ground and I can see the confusion clearly on his pumpkin face.

“Awww. Did you lose your horse? So sad for you. You might as well give up now. You’ll never catch me before I get home.” I say laughing from behind a tree.

The headless horseless man threw several of his heads around. Trying in vain to hit me. Not knowing that I had already left to prepare for my next little surprise.

Leaving a trail of guacamole I lead him to a dry riverbed. As I lead him to the ambush site, I prepare my next little surprise.

Humiliation Boot Camp

Mistress Brighton’s top five humiliation boot camp blogs. 1-800-601-6975

What You Get When You Combine Nacho Cheese And Fireworks

Using a firework that I keep for pranking emergencies, I roll it into some semi-hardened nacho cheese. I drench the ball in the juice from one of the peppers that I still had and hot sauce. Rolling the ball into a pile of crushed chips I wait for him to come into view.

I light the fuse and toss the improvised explosive at the headless horseless man. The nacho ball explodes sending cheese and chip crumbs flying everywhere.

I hear him scream out in pain as my little bomb splashed incredibly hot cheese and chips all over the front of the horseless man’s body… He stumbled around for several moments before his supernatural abilities start healing him.

I know most people would see this and freak out. Me? I am an unintentional student of the demoness known as Ms. Brighton. I have witnessed, and been subjected to, things that no one should have to go through. Now that I know that this guy can heal, I feel that the last restraints have been lifted from me.

The Wildest Rogue Dorito Of Them All

“Goddess, please forgive me for I am about to sin. I would say I know not what I do, but yeah I do.” I say in a silent prayer to Ms. Brighton.

A wild glee fills me. Just at the edge of my hearing, I can hear her laughing. I can feel my eyes lighting up with unknown joy at the thought of what I can do.

I tackle the headless whore’s man. Sitting on his chest as I use Ms. Brighton’s favorite technique of getting a subbie out of their clothes without their consent.

I turn him over and shove the entire jar of peppers into his butt. Holding him down as he bucks and tries everything he can think of to get away from me. I slap him on the ass, but it doesn’t seem to calm him down.

Pumpkin BDSM – Nacho Style

Reaching down without looking, I grab a thin, but sturdy branch. Using it like a switch I beat the headless whore’s man’s ass. Watching as a new welt forms with each smack. The area around the welts soon turning a bright shade of angry red.

I can see smoke coming from his ass and ears and I know that the jar must have broken when he clenched his butt muscles. I can’t help but laugh as I remember all the times Ms. Brighton has done this to me. Though she had custom made switches, paddles, crops, and whips.

When I took a break, the headless whore’s man just lay there crying like the little bitch ghost that he is.

Becoming The Headless Whore’s Man

“Was I to rough with you?” I ask in fake sympathy. “I know what would make you feel better. You’re a man. I bet you would love to cum wouldn’t you whore’s man?”

The headless whore’s man nodded his head.

“Well, you do know that little whores don’t get to cum like real men right. If you want to cum you’ll have to cum like the little whore that you are. Do you still want to cum?” I ask.

I know Ms. Brighton wouldn’t give him a choice, but that is why I’m still learning. I’m nowhere near as good as she is.

The headless whore’s man nods again.

Nacho What The Hell Are You Doing With My Dildo

Digging through my back pack I find what I’m looking for. Ms. Brighton’s second favorite dildo. I don’t even remember why I stole it. Probably just to see how long it would take her to notice. I think it’s been a week already.

I shove the dildo roughly up his little whore pussy. Fucking him hard and fast as I make sure that the toy hits his prostate with each thrust.

An unholy moan escapes from the headless whore’s man. He pushes back against the dildo. He reaches back and grabs the dildo from me. Fucking himself with it like the hungry little slut that he is.

When he is close to the edge, I take off his head. Watching as he grows a new one in seconds.

A Different Kind Of Head Service

I order him onto his knees. He gets up, still fucking his ass with the dildo. I hold the pumpkin in front of him, and he cums all over what used to be his head.

“Now, you little whore, eat your cum off of the pumpkin.” I order.

He leans forward, the dildo still in his ass. He scoops up his cum and brings it to his mouth. Slurping it up as he pours his seed into his own mouth. His humiliation so strong that his entire body is blushing from it.

I take his vest and tie his hands behind his back. Using that to control, and steer him, I take him back to Ms. Brighton’s house. As we walk I give him a very specific set of last minute instructions.

Introducing The New Whore’s Man To Goddess

“Nacho. What took you so long? You were supposed to be back hours ago.” Ms. Brighton ask furiously.

“It wasn’t my fault Ms. Brighton. It was Tammy.” I say.

“Right Nacho. When are you going to learn? I’m never going to believe it was Tommy.” She says with an eye roll.

“It’s Tammy’s fault and I can prove it Ms. Brighton. You were the reason that I’m late returning aren’t you Tammy?” I ask.

The Artist Formerly Known As The Headless Whore’s Man

Tammy, formerly known as the headless horseman nods her head. Her big pumpkin head hanging low in shame at having caused Ms. Brighton so much trouble.

“Nacho? What the fuck?” Ms. Brighton says, temporarily stunned.

“This is Tammy Ms. Brighton. I thought it was her brother Tommy who was trying to get me in trouble, but it was Tammy. She confessed everything once I found her in the woods.

“While I appreciate the new play thing Nacho, I heard your prayer. Now assume the position.” She says looking like the evil demoness that she is.

“I didn’t do it Ms. Brighton. It was Tammy. No. Please. Not those. WAAAAAAAA!!!!

Nacho Joe’s Fate

At this point if you haven’t got a clue what’s going to happen to nacho, you haven’t been paying attention. Muahahah!  Do you like dark, twisted kinky Femdom fairytales? Why not spin one of your own, or… fuck a pumpkin for me! Call the Sploshing Goddess at 1-800-601-6975 and ask for Mistress Brighton. I hope you enjoyed the story, and a big thank you to nacho joe for always knowing how to make me laugh. xoxo


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