Halloween At The Locktober Museum

Time for Halloween at the Locktober Museum, and intermission with Miss Brighton 1-800-601-6975

Have you been following along with the Locktober Museum Halloween blog train? If you’re just getting started, head over to Miss Constance‘ blog and hop on board! We’re taking a brief pause in the tour, to get refreshments and relieve yourselves, and then we’ll continue our journey. Here’s your museum tour intermission, with your hostess deviant, Goddess Brighton!

Halloween At The Locktober Museum

Brighton looked around the museum, checking each exhibit, and chuckling to herself, as she heard the echos and sounds of screaming coming from the other end of the building. “Ah, what sweet music their screams make.” She walked past the first exhibit, then all the way down to the end of the hall, where the wax statue of Duchess Willow stood. So lifelike in her demeanor, she nodded at the likeness – the chastity witch turning her wax head, and smiling back – before turning to continue making her rounds.

The Screams Of Horny Locked Men

The stranger crashed into her, and Brighton took a step back to survey the frantic gentlemen – who was naked wearing fresh BDSM cane marks, a chastity cage fused to his cock, with no lock in sight. “Hi there,” she said, smiling at the man. He stumbled backwards, “please miss, please help me, there’s there’s a doll after me and I’ve been stripped of my clothes! I don’t even remember how I lost them, and I can’t get this cock cage off!  Brighton giggled, and the man’s face went white as a sheet. “You’re one of them aren’t you!” he screamed, and then tried to turn and run, only to be caught in the clutches of a lifesize victorian doll, who purred softly at him, making a strange clicking sound.

Playing With Dolls

There was a whooshing sound and suddenly the man was frozen in place, his skin smoothed over and hardened to porcelain. His new owner stood before him admiring her handiwork, looking up, and winking at Brighton. “I’ll just take this,” she said, collecting the naked, transformed doll slave, “and put it back in its case…” The women exchanged glances, before laughter filled the hallway. After the Mistress and her doll were gone, Brighton continued walking through the exhibits, till she got to the source of some muffled moaning.

Furniture Can’t Talk

Sitting a top her new chaise lounge, Miss Hunter was comfortably humming to herself and filing her nails, oblivious to the fact that her seat was protesting its new purpose as such. Brighton waved at Hunter, giggling at her bound human furniture, and kept walking. Until she came across a suited gentleman and his friend, gazing up at some very lifelike portraits of the LDW Mistresses. Turning his head, the suited man stared at her, and then his face crumpled. “You…..” his voice fading off. Brighton cocked her head to the side, “I’m sorry, do we know each other?” she asked. His eyes went wide, “Y-you’re.. how did you get out?” His friend looked at him, puzzled, “who is she?” he inquired. The suited man looked up at one of the portraits. It was a painting of a well known gated community, run and owned by women. The community was most popular, due to the fact that no man who entered, was ever seen again.

Who Is The Mysterious Woman?

“You’ll find out, soon enough,” Brighton replied. Before either man could say another word, she was gone in a puff of red smoke.

If you’d like to know what Mistress Brighton has planned for Halloween, you’ll just have to wait until the 31st! In the meantime, call me! Dial 1-800-601-6975 and ask for Brighton. After this intermission, our next stop is Mistress Daphne!


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