Verbal Humiliation

Verbal Humiliation with Mistress Brighton 1-800-601-6975

Oh hey it’s phone humiliation month… perfect for verbal humiliation! Before I dive into my personal cave of debauchery, let’s have a little chat about avoiding getting throat punched. I feel like every once in a while I have to remind you morons that you’re utilizing a femdom service.  That means that you need to remember your fucking place. That means you never ever make demands of a Dominant. So knowing this and adhering to it will save you some embarrassment in the future, fuck faces. Especially where I’m concerned, because I don’t care about your feelings, and I am not a nice person, no matter how sweetly I smile, or giggle. I will fuck you up verbally, and mentally, because I get off on it. I will also ignore you, something else I really enjoy.

Humiliation Phone Sex

Verbal Humiliation For Dumbasses

Why yes! I am one of the Mistresses on both the phone humiliation site, and the ignore line, AND the mean mistress site, and nothing makes me happier, than you paying for my time and paying me to ignore you while paying for my time… that you’re not getting. Depending on my mood, I might let you listen while I’m doing whatever it is that interests me, or you can sit in silence, nervously pondering if you’re still connected or if I’ve hung up on you, because I also enjoy hanging up on people, too. And we need to get this out of the way right here and now: I’m a bratty Domme. You will never out-brat me, no matter how hard you try, because you are not that smart. Heaven forbid I get bored while on the phone with you. If you fail to be entertaining, your verbal humilation will quickly turn into an ignore call.  The absolute worst thing you can do on a call with me, is be boring.

You Exist To Entertain Me… Not The Other Way Around

If you fail to entertain me on a call, you will get the wet blanket award, and not because you actually wet your blanket, fuck bucket. I get distracted by shiny things, lots, so if you bore me and the sims starts to look more interesting than listening to you yammering, I might just put the phone down and let you listen to 60 minutes of simlish. So more about verbal humiliation, not only do I enjoy it, I get off on making YOU tell me how much of a worthless loser you are. I mean why should I have to do the work when it’s your job to be my fucking court jester? I once made a sub wear sleigh bells and prance and dance around while singing, while on the phone, while I did other things. He knew his fucking place, how bout you live up to those standards instead of being a typical entitled waste of human garbage?

Verbal Humiliation

I Make The Demands – I Call The Shots

My form of humiliation punishment is not one you’re going to enjoy, because it will be the exact opposite of anything you might envision your “Dream Domme” doing to you. I am not your dream Domme, I’m hell on earth, so get your sh** together if you’re one of my phone humiliation sluts. My hell can be fun, if you learn your place, learn to follow directions, and learn that I give zero fucks about what you want. I do not nurture, and I am not your fucking personal caregiver. Sure I’ll make sure you avoid injuring yourself, take care of yourself, because I do want my subs to be safe, just don’t expect me to stroke your ant sized ego.

Verbal Humiliation And Physical Humiliation

Idealistic assumptions are the reason natural selection will most likely make men extinct. You guys are not very good at thinking and making decisions, you never have been, so stop trying to prove how smart you are. If you’ve ever ridden my strapon, worn bitch tits, or fucked a mini donut with your pinky tip sized dick, do not ever attempt to have a “who’s got the biggest dick” contest with me. I will laugh at you. So now that we’ve gotten all that squared away, wanna do an ignore humiliation session with me? Or I mean…. we could talk, ooorrr I could make you entertain me while I laugh. If your annoying ass thinks you can handle it, call 1-800-601-6975 and ask for Mistress Brighton. I don’t really care if you can or not, if you end up crying in therapy don’t say I didn’t warn you. Keep reading below to find out more about this months events!

FUCK OFF!!!!!!

Mistress Brighton

P.S. Why yes I DO enjoy phone humiliation, it’s also mental health awareness month, so this is your reminder to take care of yourself. Because I cannot play with you if you don’t! It’s also Masturbation May! So when I tell you to go fuck yourself… I actually do mean… GO FUCK YOURSELF.

Mistress Brighton’s LDW Anniversary – My phone sex anniversary is next month, so prepare your anuses!

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Miss Brighton has updates for you, and she wants you to go fuck yourself, for Masturbation May 2017 1-800-356-6169