Exposed Sissy Humiliation

Exposed Sissy gets a special package from Miss Brighton! 1-800-601-6975

Maybe you just have a thing for tulle. Or perhaps Mistress thought it would be really funny to make you an exposed sissy, and messenger over a large box of fluffy pink tutus… straight to your job! All part of my tormentuous feminization sissy training, for sure!

Exposed Sissy At Work

Disclaimer: DON’T BE FUCKING STUPID. I know you guys can’t think straight when you have a boner, but please do not for realzy’s put a tutu on at work. Unless A: You know your boss has a good sense of humor and won’t give a sh*t. Or B: You are the boss and you have one of those fun workplaces where the office secretaries both consent and are used to your weird ass shenanigans. However in this case I’m referring to being coerced against your will to don tutus at work and humiliate yourself in front of that hot babezilla at the office, who doesn’t know you exist, and who will probably pity you and laugh in your face. In fantasy, yes, office fantasies about feminization are HOT! And we can totally roleplay those. So lemme tell ya about this particular sissy humiliation “roleplay” I have in mind!

Exposed Sissy Gets A Special Package

So your sadistic fairy Mistress Brighton, knows everything about you. Where you live, where you work, what color panties you’re wearing, etc. And she has on several occasions threatened to expose you if you don’t do what she says. Which means you look to her surprise antics with dread, never knowing what sort of mood she’ll be in. And then the day comes that you receive a really big box addressed to you, in your office. You know you haven’t ordered anything, and with a trembling fear, you cut open the box after locking your door.

Surprise!!! An Exposed Sissy Gift For You!

The gift card reads “Happy Merry Whatever, Sissy!” with instructions detailed for what to do with the tutus. Firstly you’re going to put one on over your suit. You do that. Then, I tell you to take a few pictures twirling around in your tutu and singing for me, and a video just for good measure. Several moments later, you get an email with a link to a Sissy Femdom Humiliation site. To your horror, the pictures and videos have all been posted, and I tell you, that you will have to do as your told if you want them to come down.

Exposed Sissy Flouncing For Humility

You find yourself opening the door, walking out of your office, and down the hall where everyone can see you. You were silently praying everyone would be too busy to notice, but just as you turned the corner, you run crash into your boss and his secretary, both of whom look you up and down. The secretary covers her mouth and starts giggling, while your boss asks you what’s going on, and trying to stifle his own laughter. You blush red and tell him you lost a bet, making some excuse that you now have to parade around the office to show off your tutu.

But Wait There’s More!

You make the rounds, the echos of raucous laughter filling your ears, and you race back to your office, hoping to finally be done with your humiliating tasks. Except you’re not, because someone’s waiting for you in your office, and with a wicked grin, she taps her riding crop on your face, and tells you to strip naked. Oopsy! Gee I wonder what that boisterous mistress is up to? You didn’t think you would get over so easily now did you? Well I’m not going to tell you what happens next, because if you want to know what I do to my tutu twirling office sissy, you are just gonna have to bite the bullet and call me. And how do you do that? You dial 1-800-601-6975 and ask for Mistress Brighton. Hey btw, did you know I do custom audios? Click the link!


Mistress Brighton

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