Ride A Dick Sissy Aerobics

Work up a sweat with Ride A Dick Sissy Aerobics and Miss Brighton! 1-800-601-6975

Hello all you girly girls! This is Mistress Brighton, and I’m the cruise fitness director. I hope you checked in with our get girlie sissy cruise medical specialist, Nurse Willow prior to attending my aerobics class, because I’m here to keep you in tip top dick riding shape during your voyage on international waters. As I prance in, in my sexy tights and leotard, legwarmers and hot pink light up sneakers, I want you to know that you’re in good hands with me, and when you’re done with this ride a dick sissy aerobics class, you’re going to be ready to ride several dicks! But first we need to get a few things out of the way, remember, femdom safety first!

Ride A Dick Sissy Aerobics

For your first ride a dick sissy aerobics class, you will need to bring a towel with you, you can use one of your extra cabin towels, you will need to wear either a sports bra or a comfortably fitting crop top. You will need crotchless leotards, as this exercise requires you to give easy access to your ass pussy. For this routine you will be riding a dildo exercise ball, yes it’s exactly what it sounds like, one of those big bouncy exercise balls, except it’s got a dildo attached! Also bring lube, because after stretching, we’re going to dive right into getting you hot and sweaty. This is a cardio excercise, and one that will make your sissy clits hard, so please make sure you use your towels so that you don’t make a squirty mess. If you DO make a mess, I’m going to make you lick it up!

Cumming Prepared

This class will last an hour, and you’re guaranteed to have multiple orgasms during and after sissy dildo training if you follow my instructions. Alright let’s get started, go grab a dildo ball and find a spot, and then we’ll begin with some warm up. Everyone stand up and shake out your legs and arms! Do a couple of neck rolls and then jump up and down. Now sit down on your towels and stretch. I know you’re excited to get on that dildo ball aren’t you? Okay dolls! Get on all fours and spread your legs, grab your bottle of lube and lube up that pussy.

Bounce And Ride A Dick

Okay everyone stand up! I want you to position your exercise ball with the dildo part pointing toward your pussy hole! Now slowly squat down, spread those cheeks, and slide down on the dildo. Feel the tingling warmth. Careful! You’re not done yet. Now, squat over the dildo and lower and lift, up and down, wiggle those hips, hands on your thighs. Thrust forward and back, hips in a circle, then back down. I can tell from some of the moans coming from the studio, that you sissies are enjoying those dildo balls!

Accelerate For Maximum Thrusting!

Alright time for double speed… and bounce! Bounce! Bounce! Up and down! Faster! Keep going! You’re almost there! And wiggle! Wiggle! Wiggle! Hip thrust and two, three, four, hump and go, you girlies are doing great! Wow look at that, we’re almost at an hour and now it’s time for a cool down. Yes I know you would love to bounce on those dildos all day long, but you do need have a proper end to your workout. As a thank you for completing this class, you get to keep your dildo balls! We don’t want them back…. hygiene! You can now bring your dildo balls to class with you for the duration of the cruise. You can also keep the bottle of lube…. we don’t want that back either.

Shower Time

I’d like to personally thank all you sissy gurls for cumming to my class – and for NOT cumming all over the gym mats. Time to go get showered up and get ready for your next cruise activity! If any of you are interested in a little one on one sissy training with my big pink strap on, please check in at the cock control phone sex reception desk to sign up and make payment. You can also call me directly for a dildo bouncing good time, at 1-800-601-6975. Just ask for Mistress Brighton, the aerobics instructor from hell. I’ll see you guys around the ship, your next stop on the get girlie sissy cruise is Miss Erika’s sissy spa day!


Mistress Brighton



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