Mistress Brighton’s Guide to the Locktober Museum Halloween Blog Train 1-800-601-6975

POV: You called into our cock control line, and while you were waiting to be connected to the dispatcher, you heard  a sweet voice and tinkling music, asking if you have been following along with the Locktober Museum blog train. That same sweet voice told you to check in at the Enchantrix Tease blog. You get here, and there’s no blog! Oh noz! Well never fear, I am two days late due to my computer deciding to celebrate mercury retrograde, by eating my graphics card – but nevermind any of that. On with the show! Er…. the Halloween blog train guide!

Halloween Blog Train Guide: Your First Stop Is Mistress Constance

Miss Constance is here to welcome you to the locktober museum, with a warning. Will she trick you? Trap you? Lock up your cock forevermore? You’ll have to read her post to find out!

Duchess Willow Seems Like She’d Be Sexy And Harmless Right?

Tut tut tut… you boys never learn, and Duchess knows you will fall for a sexy vixen every time. Not to mention, you’d totally believe her if she told you she totally WAS NOT the Chastity Witch. And then you’d wake up… you know I’ll just let you find out for yourself what she’s going to do to you!

Harper Is A Doll… A Bewitching Victorian Doll

Speaking of tricks and treats, here’s another lovely Mistress who loves tricking you, and treating herself. You can’t resist the lovely lifelike Victorian Dolly Mistress, can you? I suppose I could warn you of the dangers ahead, but we already know you’re not going to listen. Muahahahahaha!

Virtual Halloween

Why yes, we do celebrate Halloween in the virtual world, so I wrote a post telling you how to do that. Stop by the Virtual World exhibit in the museum, to find out more!

Virtual Femdom Phonesex

Introducing the Virtual World Phone Sex Mistresses on Second Life. 1-800-539-4566

Human Furniture – Would You Like To Be Mistress Hunter’s Special Seat?

Being turned into human furniture isn’t so bad, is it? Unless you’re locked into position, along with many other things Miss Hunter can lock onto you. Wanna find out what she has in store, go to her forniphilia exhibit now!

Mistress Delia’s BDSM Exhibit

If you like pain, and being tricked, and you’ve survived the museum tour so far, perhaps you are equipped to handle Miss Delia’s brand of BDSM museum torment. Test your endurance, and bear the marks of servitude!

guide to dealing with introverts

A Guide to dealing with introverts, from the dark lordess herself. Miss Brighton! 1-800-601-6975

Halloween At The Locktober Museum…. With Miss Brighton

Oh… so now it’s intermission, and you are breathing a sigh of relief. You think to yourself whew! I can do this, this isn’t so bad! And then it happens, you hear a scream and a man running for his life, and behind him, calm and fresh as a daisy, is me. Grinning. From ear. To ear. So what does Miss Brighton have planned? Maybe I’ll tell you… maybe I won’t.

Sexy Pumpkin Carving With Mistress Daphne

Okay how about a break from being scared out of your pants? Follow Miss Daphne and go carve your best pumpkin, maybe if you do a good job, she will give you a treat!

Princess Andi’s Wax Museum Party

So there is a rumor that the museum is haunted. Specifically the wax museum. But don’t you worry, Princess Andi is going to let you have some fun with her at the party. Nothing scary could possibly happen right? Just don’t bend over….


Mistress Rachel’s Haunted Gallery Of Humiliatrix Paintings

*Giggling like a madwoman* Oh… erm… yes yes about this particular gallery. You may find your manhood in question, and hear some far off laughter in the gallery. And you might notice, that the paintings seem to be in a very good mood, and so is Miss Rachel! I’m not going to give it away, go visit her now!

The Halfway Mark

So that is where we are headed so far. Go to Miss Rachel’s blog to find out who’s next on the Locktober Museum tour. If you would like to call us, dial 1-800-601-6975 and ask for one of the Locktober Mistresses. Dispatch will be happy to assist you. If you are looking for custom audios, check out our Mistress directory on the custom audios site. And if you would like to visit our phone sex audios shop, we have plenty of ready to download, kinky audios for you!


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