Twisted Humiliation

Twisted Humiliation starts here! Call Mistress Brighton at 1-800-601-6975

I’m a really moody bitch. Which means depending on the day, I’m going to make you cry, make you scream, all of the above, or you’re going to end up eating your own cum covered chocolate donuts after fucking a pie. I don’t just love humiliation phone sex, I enjoy twisted humiliation, and laughing at you.

Twisted Humiliation: Miss Brighton’s Going To Laugh At You!

Sissy bimboficationThey’re all gonna laugh at you! Remember that quote from the famous movie Carrie? While I’m not going to hit you upside the head with a bucket of erm… red paint… I am going to laugh at you if you’re stupid enough to follow my orders. There are things I won’t mention here that we can explore on calls, like red paint, apple juice, and fudge brownies and and… flushing your head in a washing machine (AHA… see what I did there?), and I do like the rather boisterous submissive. If you’re a sissy into feminization, I need to warn you – as I do periodically – that I am not a nice sissy Mistress. I will humiliate you for my entertainment, and I might turn you into my own personal sissy bimbo hucow…. don’t believe me? Exhibit A: Jizzalene the not quite a man turned bimbo fuckdoll. MOO!

The Sissy Pornosexual Addicted To Humiliation

And then there’s this fucker. A loser ass porn addicted, big black cock loving, panty bitch ass pornosexual, who calls me for humiliation mantras that he er… IT repeats over and over again, while drinking down whatever humiliating concoction I command him to drink. He has admitted to me on several occasions that his little dick doesn’t get hard for women, it only gets hard for black men’s cocks, and he even confessed that he does not deserve pussy ever.

The Emasculated Redheaded Sissy Slut

Are you sensing a theme here? For someone who enjoys abusing sissies, they just keep coming back and falling for my “sweet voice” trap. I can be sweet, just not to sissies. Why? Because I don’t want to, and it’s more fun to humiliate them. Oh this redheaded whore begs for it. S/he knows being a boy is boring and it’s much more fun getting cocks shoved down your throat and ass pussy while Miss Brighton laughs like a madwoman.

The Sploshing Sluts

Why would anyone want to waste food and fuck it and roll around in it? Ask the patrons of Brighton’s sploshing phone sex bakery about that. They get a kick out of being wet and messy whores, and I like laughing at them. I’ve singlehandedly turned sploshing into a religion, and my devotees just love fucking food for me. Shoutout to churchmouse, kandy, and the MELONFUCKAAAAA! *wink wink* So now you’ve gotten a taste of what kind of humiliation I like, are you ready to rock out with your cock out? Call me! Dial 1-800-601-6975 and ask for Brighton. If you want a skype session….. MAKE SURE YOU KNOW HOW TO WORK SKYPE AND HAVE IT SET UP BEFORE YOU FRIGGIN CALL! And please email me for skype sessions, email is the fastest way to reach me beforehand to set up your session, I DO NOT monitor skype. That’s all for now bitches…


Mistress Brighton