Jizzhead used to be a little dick man, until he signed up for virtual bimbofication! 1-800-601-6975

If you’re following my twitter, you may have seen something curious happen with one of my followers named jizzhead. You see, prior to last week, jizzhead was prancing around as a man in a tutu… well not much of one ROFL!!! If you saw the tiny dicklet and the cage he was wearing, you know why he was wearing a tutu. But last week, jizzhead underwent the first stage of sissy humiliation, and bimbofication.

Jizzhead before his first makeover.

Bimbofication Transformation

Jizzhead made the mistake of confessing that his tiny little dick got hard when he read my previous bimbofication blog: Big Titted Sissy Bimbo Transformation, and thus the seed was planted. The little slut bucket admitted that he wanted another makeover. This time a bimbofication makeover, and that it be made clear to anyone who sees him, that he used to be a man… again… not much of one. Now I am big into wish fulfillment, especially if it’s a sub that enjoys being humiliated, and we have fun sessions together. So I totally pulled an “as you wish” and turned jizzhead, into jizzalene.

Jizzhead after his first makeover, in a tutu.

Bimbofication And AFK Whoring

We’re big on promoting sex workers here, well… at least I am, since I am in the adult industry. If you’re unfamiliar with the virtual world, you can earn money in world by playing games, or selling products, or selling your ass. Guess which one jizzalene ended up doing? Yep, I set jizzhead up as an afk whore, she had updated her profile to reflect that she is indeed a community cum dump and a feminized male little dick loser. So how did the little blonde piece of fuckmeat do her first week? She’s already had a few takers, balls deep in her brand new virtual pussy. BWAHAHAHAHA! I am basically pimping her out, for my own enjoyment, and for jizzalene’s abject humiliation.

Jizzalene AFK Bimbo Whore

Who’s Next!

Alright losers, I know your sissy clits are throbbing reading this, so let me tell you how this works. You call me first of all, at 1-800-601-6975. Ask for Brighton and tell the dispatchers you’re interested in prostituting yourself for Miss Brighton’s amusement. I will walk you through your transformation, via phone and skype, and then we’ll have some real fun. No clue how to get virtual? Go to virtual world phonesex and learn how to join us. Hint: You will need a virtual account; you will need firestorm. Now go forth and get your bimbofication fix!


Mistress Brighton