Femdom Coercion

Make a plate and have Breakfast with Brighton! 1-800-601-6975

Contrary to popular belief, femdoms are not robots. We eat, sleep, have real lives outside of doing femdom phone sex, and while we do work from home, we’re not always tethered to our computers. That’s why I would like to invite you to have breakfast with me! No…. you do not need new glasses, I did say have breakfast with Brighton. Why not have a socially distant meal with the Queen of sploshing food play?

Breakfast With Brighton

Sometimes I am actually awake during the godawful hours of  *HISSES LOUDLY*  sunlight. Especially since my sleep schedule is even more bjorked due to coronavirus social distancing than it normally is. And when I am, chances are if I haven’t had my coffee yet, or something for breakfast, and you call me, I am going to hurt you. You will not enjoy it, and someone will be going to the ER and it ain’t me! Why is this a bad thing? Well for one, the hospitals already have their work cut out for them at the moment. Which means they do not have time for your fucking shenanigans, coming into the ER because your Mistress broke you – while at other times maybe amusing to med staff – is going to get you some really uncomfortable death glares.

Cooking With Brighton

Having breakfast with me during our session, will ensure your safety and my sanity, and hey, it might be fun! You will not only get to beat your balls while kneeling in a corner with a buttplug up your ass, you get to silently cry and listen to me fry eggs and pretend those eggs are your bare flesh, while I cackle and sip my latte. It would kind of be like a girlfriend experience, except your girlfriend is a dominatrix that enjoys hearing you scream.

Social Distancing At The International House Of Whacks

You can also bring your own breakfast to our session, and then ask for permission to eat it. I might not let you, as a matter of fact I may just micromanage your entire meal during our call, because I’m a fucking sadist and because I can. Or I could make you do something really humiliating to your breakfast before you eat it. I mean you do remember who you’re talking to right? I’m gonna make you fuck your smiley face pancakes. Bonus if you do it on cam. Bonus Bonus: If you fuck food for me while on cam during a breakfast with Brighton session, I will put you in a raffle for a free 10 minute call. And then you can do it again!

Brighton’s Phone Sex Schedule

Schedule????? What the fuck is a schedule??? I’m currently ON right now as we speak, and while I have had coffee, I’m kinda hungry and thinking an omelette would be divine. If you haven’t run screaming yet, I invite you to have breakfast with Brighton! Just dial 1-800-601-6975 and bring something to chow down on…. or roll around in. Stay safe and while you’re at it, check out some of the texting session and phone sex deals some of my sister Mistresses are offering! And don’t forget about Mistress Harper’s Masturbation March Game!

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