Spanking Fun

Nacho joe is back with a song parody about spanking fun for Mistress Brighton! 1-800-601-6975

This song is another nacho pet creation, with an ode to all things spanking fetish and discipline. Click the audio for me singing it!

Ms. Spanky’s back

(Sang to My boyfriends back)

She went away and you came around

Eating nachos and fapping all over town

And when I told you no

you said things that weren’t very nice

Ms. Spanky’s back and you’re gonna be in trouble

(Hey la hey la Ms. Spanky’s back)

When you see her coming better get out on the double

(Hey la hey la Ms. Spanky’s back)

You’ve been telling lies that I gave permission to you

(Hey la hey la Ms. Spanky’s back)

So look out now cause she’s coming after you

(Hey la hey la Ms. Spanky’s back)

Hey she knows what you’ve been trying

And she knows that you’ve been lying

What made you think she’d believe all your lies

(Wah-ooo wah-ooo)

You’re a big man now but she’ll cut you down to size


Ms. Spanky’s back with a stock pile of peppers

(Hey la hey la Ms. Spanky’s back)

She’s gonna shove them right up your bum

(Hey la hey la Ms. Spanky’s back)

Soon your ears will be a smoking

(Hey la hey la Ms. Spanky’s back)

And your ass will burn like a raging fire

(Hey la hey la Ms. Spanky’s back)


Was I supposed to keep a straight face while singing that? FAIL. Thank you so much nacho joe for your submission!

By the way this is an excellent time to tell you, that if you have any stories you’d like to write for my blog and submit, send them to and I will proofread and post them here. Please nothing too long or my eyes will glaze over, and please use commas, proper punctuation, grammar, paragraphs. It’s easier on the eyes. Wanna do karaoke with Miss Brighton? Call me! 1-800-601-6975 is the number. Hope you enjoyed the femdom parody!