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Mistress Brighton shares a domination story submitted by nacho joe titled The Winter Harvest 1-800-601-6975

The following Domination story is written by my favorite hot pepper and nacho cheese loving pet, nacho joe. Disclaimer: I am not responsible if you squirt liquids out of your nose laughing. You are welcome to punish nacho joe by making him clean up the mess. LMAO! If you want to listen and read along to the domination story, click the audio link below!

Domination Story: The Winter Harvest – By Nacho Joe

“Goddess.  Please accept the offering made by Amanda.  She is a devoted servant, and kind woman, and a lover of all your people.”  She steps out of the house next to the one I was in.  I know that that is the house the priestess uses for her rituals and communing with the goddess.  I was in her actual house.  As I had been told she is the most beautiful woman that I have ever seen in my life.  Her long brown hair reflects the torch light as if it is sunlight.  Her face is that of an angel’s.  Her body is absolutely perfect.  She is perfectly tanned and physically fit.  Something tells me that she will be able to keep up with me even with the help of that poultice.

The part that enchants me the most though is her eyes.  They meet mine and I feel as if part of me is slipping away.  That she has stared into my soul and has taken a piece of it with her. We lay down on the specially prepared bed on our sides so that we’re facing each other.  I begin feeling her up.  Fondling her small perky breasts as I lick her rapidly hardening nipples. My hand moving around behind her to spank her round firm ass.  I moan against her breasts. “Oh baby.  I’m going to fuck you so good.  Our village will have the best year it has ever had.”

I don’t hear anything from her.  I look up at her face.  Her eyes meet mine.  Again I feel like she’s stealing some part of me that I never knew existed.  It’s like I’m falling and there is nothing to grab hold of. I return to my senses, but something just doesn’t feel right.  Amanda is standing by the bed.  How did she get there?  I don’t remember her getting up.  A smile comes to her soft red lips.  Her body is now clothed in a billowy red dress.  The fabric so sheer that I can almost see her gorgeous naked body through it.

“I’m going to call you Nacho from now on.  Just because of the cheesy things you were saying to me.”

“What is going on here?  Where’s everyone at?  Why are you acting so different?”  I ask.  The questions just bursting from me.

“Damn.  I always hate this part.  The priestess should really be preparing you guys for this better.  First.  I am not Amanda.  I am your Goddess Brighton.  Every year your people sacrifice one of your men to me in hopes of getting my favor.”

“That’s not what we’re told.  I was always taught that it was the sex that we offered that you wanted.”  I state.  I try to sound confident, but something about her unnerves me.

“It sounds like I need a new priestess then Nacho.  She’s forgetting a major part of it.  I get the man’s soul, which I then do with as I please.  If it pleases me then I make sure your village has a good year.  If not, well best not to think about that.”

“Are…  Are you talking about the year of shenanigans?”  I ask.

“Oh.  So you do know what happens if you don’t please me.  That’s good.”

“How am I, a lowly mortal man, supposed to please a goddess?   I mean, I know I’m good in bed, but I doubt I’m that good.”

“Oh?  Really?  I thought you were going to fuck me so good that the village has the best year it’s ever had.  Isn’t that what you told me?”

“That was when I thought I was talking to a regular woman.  Not a goddess such as yourself.”  I stumble as I try to figure out how to get out of this.

“Nacho.  Nacho.  Nacho.  What happened to all that confidence you had?  Surely a big strong man like you will have no problems pleasing a woman would you?  Would it help if I allowed you to spank my ass again?  No?  Well what if I showed you how it feels.  Maybe that will help your confidence.”

With almost no effort on her part, she drags me off the bed.  She sits down and pulls me onto her lap.  I try to squirm free of her, but she easily holds me down with one hand.

“Count out each one Nacho.”

Smack.  1.  Smack.  2  Smack.  3.  Smack.  4.  Smack.  5.  Smack.  6.  Smack.  7.  Smack.  8.  Smack.  9.  Smack.  10.

“OOOOO.  Look at that nice red ass.  Doesn’t it feel good to be spanked Nacho?”  I can’t respond as I’m crying to hard from how painful those spanks were.

“Nacho.  You need to learn that when I ask a question, you need to respond no matter what.”

She brings a hand down to my eye level.  When she opens it up, I learn she’s holding a pepper.  What is she going to do with that?

“Nacho.  I would like you to meet a very special pepper.  It has taken me years to cultivate it to be exactly what I want.  This pepper is hotter than lava.  Its skin is covered in sharp needles.  Whenever you misbehave, or when I feel like it, I will take one of these and shove it up your butt like this.”

With that I feel the pepper pressing against my asshole.  I clamp my sphincter as tightly as I can, but she forces it deep inside me.  What I didn’t expect was that by trying to keep it out, I had broken the skin.

Now, not only were the needles poking the inside of my ass, but the flaming hot juices were coating my insides.  I felt like I was on fire as she starts working the pepper back and forth inside me.  Though I’m not sure if it’s true, I felt like steam was pouring out of my ass and ears. I scream out begging for mercy.  My ass having never gone through anything like that before.  The pepper vanishes from my ass.  My entire body goes limp with relief.  That was the most terrifying thing that has ever happened to me.

“Very good Nacho.  You were right.  Your village will have one of the best years ever.  You are so fun to play with.”  She gives my ass one more swat before pushing me off her lap to land in a heap on the floor.

She stands up and opens a door underneath her bed.  I crawl in without having to be told.  I never saw a cage under a bed before, but if it means the end of this torment I will gladly sleep in a cage.

“You are very lucky today Nacho.  You get to meet and serve, your goddess for a whole year.  Plus, now you get to listen to me in bed with a true man.

As she says this the door opens and in come this big black man.  From where I’m at, I can’t help but notice his big thick cock.  He is so well endowed that he makes me look like a little dicklet.

She drops the sheets over the cage so I can’t see anything.

“Who’s that?”  I hear a deep masculine voice ask.

“Oh him?  He’s my newest pet.”

“Don’t you ever keep a pet more than a year?”  He asks her with a chuckle.

“Why should I keep one when I get a brand new pet each year?  Enough talking about him.  I want to fuck off.”

“Good thing that that’s my name then huh?”

Thank you so much for that hilarious story nacho! If you have a Domination story you would like to submit, email me at brighton@enchantrixempire.com. If you want a session with me to bless your winter harvest with some anal training, call me at 1-800-601-6975 and ask for Brighton.


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