No Nut November

Mistress Brighton celebrates no nut november with edging assignments and free phone sex. 1-800-601-6975

I saw the funniest post on twitter the other day (thanks alice!) where someone was ranting about no nut november and how it’s bad for men. That all depends on your perspective. Some men like being denied because it helps them become more attentive and obedient to their mistress. Many chastity slaves prefer to be locked in a cock cage because they are weak to temptation and it helps them stay committed to orgasm denial. And then there are men who DO like being edged and denied, but they want a happy ending. No matter what category you’re in, celebrating no nut november with me can be one hell of a ride, because I’ve got an edging assignment for you!

No Nut November With Mistress

My goal during no nut november is to make you a better man by drawing out your orgasm, or completely denying you. Edging can help you extend your orgasmic experience, and if denied leave you horny and desperate for more. You don’t have to be locked in chastity, to take part in the no nut november challenge, but if you don’t lock it up, you will have to be very disciplined and willing to follow instructions. But it can also be fun and a way to relieve stress, even if you are denied.

Edging For Mistress

The first assignment is for edge and denial. Edge once daily, every day for the month of November, for an hour. This requires you to focus on NOT cumming, and pay attention to your body while you’re stroking. This edging assignment is best for guys who take longer to cum, and have a higher teasing endurance. Edging does not require you to wear a cock cage, only that you remember the goal is denial. Any other time during the day, NO TOUCHY!

Edging And Chastity

Locking up your cock during the times you’re not edging, is ideal for guys who have weaker stamina… aka, minute men. If you know you’re a quick shooter, it’s best to edge and then put your cage back on immediately afterward. Keep some ice cubes nearby just in case you need to calm down after getting too excited. For caged denial, you can stroke in 2 minute intervals, then stop. If you can’t even last two minutes, stroke for 30 seconds, then stop. At the end of the hour, lock that cock back up!

Edging And Happy Endings

For those of you that have NO interest in orgasm denial, but you do like edging and teasing, and can resist the urge to go over the edge, I want you to edge 3 times a day, every day. Once in the morning, when you wake up, edge that morning wood for 20 minutes. The second time, during your midday lunch break, edge for 15 minutes. And lastly, edge for a full hour at the end of a long… hard… day. LMAO! I like the edging and teasing throughout the day, because it gets you all worked up and then you are really going to look forward to having that release.

No Nut November And Free Phone Sex Fridays

This month is LDW’s 17 year anniversary, and this year the free gift to you from all of us, is free phone sex fridays! Every friday during the month of November, you are eligible to receive a free 10 minute call with the mistress of your choice. You can use the 10 minutes as is, or add your free 10 to a paid call. Free phone sex starts every friday from 12:01am to 11:59pm. In the meantime, if you’d like to call me during no nut november, I’m giving away 5 free minutes on every call this week until midnight Saturday, 11/9, because it’s my birthday! This month is a great time to get to know me if you never did calls with me before. So pick up that phone! 1-800-601-6975 and ask for Brighton. I hope you enjoy no nut november as much as I’m going to enjoy denying you.


Mistress Brighton

Free Phone Sex Fridays