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Why is Mistress Brighton laughing? Because you’re a tiny dick loser! 1-800-601-6975

I assure you that this particular loser face, earned such a long title. He earned such because he has a laundry list of humiliation phone sex kinks, and he lives up to all of them. Mainly he is a tiny dick, premature ejaculation waste of energy. However the longer I spoke to him, the more he revealed, and the more I laughed at his addiction to loser humiliation.

Tiny Dick Loser Humiliation

First off, tiny dick loser admitted he was wearing panties during our call. He also confessed that while he is attracted to women, he cannot get hard unless: 1. he’s wearing panties. 2. they are humiliating him. 3. he is watching gay porn. So he can only get off basically if he is calling for humiliation phone sex, and paying to be told, to do humiliating acts. So as he revealed all of this to me, I gave him a very special assignment, which he must complete at the end of the month. Want to know what the tiny dick loser has to do?

Tiny Dick Jerkoff Junkie

As his final task of the month, I told him to jerk off to his credit card statement. I also made him hump a pillow, while I berated him for his girlfriend leaving him. Wanna know why she left him? Because he’s a little dick loser that spends all his money on porn and phone sex.  He told me that his dick gets harder when he’s being verbally abused, than if a beautiful woman were standing in front of him butt naked. Unless the woman was also verbally humiliating him. To further humilate him, he has to write the tagline of this blog post, on his monthly statement, before he jerks off to it.

Verbal Tiny Dick Humiliation

I know all the tiny boner rejects are reading this and listening to my voice, furiously hammering away at their angry inches, wishing they’d thought of this before. Don’t worry, if your pathetic ass needs a tongue lashing to make little dick squirties, you’ve come to the right place. Call me for small penis humiliation! Just dial 1-800-601-6975 and ask for Brighton. I can’t wait to hear from you…. I mean laugh at you.


Mistress Brighton