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Tiny Dick Compensation – Making Up For Your Shortcomings

tiny dick compensation

Mistress Brighton talks about tiny dick compensation. 1-800-601-6975

Let’s face it: Men with small dicks don’t get laid. In reality the only women who fuck men with small dicks, are the ones that have never seen a big dick, and don’t know any better. The best? There are actually men in the world that DON’T KNOW they have a small penis. But that’s okay, knowing is half the battle, and that’s why tiny dick compensation exists.

Tiny Dick Compensation

So what is tiny dick compensation? It can be a combination of things, but mainly it’s making amends for not having adequate cock size to please a woman. The main way you can make up for having a tiny dick, is to at the very least, have money. A man with a tiny dick and a fat wallet, at least has a chance that a woman will put up with him for that reason alone. However, while money may offer a woman a consolation for your shortcomings, you’d better be able to find other ways to please her, and even then… it might not be enough.

Tiny Dick Compensation – Cuckolding

When it comes down to it, you can take your wife shopping, pay the bills, buy her nice things, but if you can’t fuck, she’s going to look elsewhere for sexual satisfaction. The least you can do, is allow your wife or girlfriend to cuckold you, and accept that this is going to be your lot in life. Women need good dick, big dick, and a satisfactory sex partner. Being a cuckold mate, and participating in tiny dick compensation, ensures that you get to keep your wife, and she gets to fuck whoever she wants while you support her. Hey, it could be worse, you could have a tiny dick.. AND be broke. Aren’t you glad you at least have the latter?  Now, if you’re not sure if your dick measures up in the bedroom, give me a call, I won’t mince words. I’ll even let you know if your wife is cheating on you. 1-800-601-6975 is where you can reach me, just ask for Brighton. See you soon!


Mistress Brighton

6 comments to Tiny Dick Compensation – Making Up For Your Shortcomings

  • Petey cream puff

    Faith my 2-4’clitty would you put me in panties/bra..keep me dressed up as your cream puff girl?

  • Thank you, Ms. Brighton, for the very informative blog post about tiny dick compensation. I probably knew this information already but I’m glad you posted it and are bringing it up to the fore. I admitted to myself that I have a small penis a long time ago. It saved me a lot of grief!

  • tiny tim

    Hi Mistress Brighton, I have a tiny penis and also poor. Have a loser job. Is there anyway i can compensate?

  • GirlieFF

    Your blog makes perfect sense to me. I know I’m not in denial about my little appendage. I’ve grown to accept it. Actually, I’m seeing the benefits of having a tiny cock. First, when it comes to dressing in women’s clothes, there is hardly any work in covering up my bulge. Just the least bit of effort and I’m as flat as a woman in my sexy panties. In fact, most women’s panties offer me more than enough support and I NEVER poke out. Second, and probably more important, I fully realize that my little cocktail sausage isn’t going to satisfy anyone (other than to amuse mistresses with a good laugh, which I’m happy to oblige). That is why I’ve embraced my attraction to men and accepted my homosexuality. Being a bottom (I’m the receiver) feels so natural to me. And the men I’ve been with are ok with my shortcoming below the belt because they don’t have to worry about not being satisfied when they can’t feel my tiny dicklette. I’ve found my place in life and am content. I’m a gay man that LOVES dressing up in women’s clothes. Women need not be threatened by me. If you catch me staring at a beautiful woman, rest assured it isn’t because I want to fuck her. More likely, it’s because I’m wondering where she got her shoes or handbag. He he. Keep Calm and get your girl on!!!


  • If you got it, flaunt it.
    If you don’t got it, flaunt it even more!

    Tiny Cocksters Unite!

    Individually, we are small, but with all of us together we are average!

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