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Small penis humiliation is even more fun when Miss Brighton reminds you of what fleshlights are really for! 1-800-601-6975

Do you ever wonder why you never see black men using fleshlights? You can thank slutty churchmouse for inspiring this small penis humiliation post, and for shedding some light, er… the truth about fleshlights that is. So what is the truth about fleshlights? They weren’t made for big dicks!

Small Penis Humiliation – The White Man’s Shame

Fleshlights were made for majority white men with small dicks. Case in point, tiny wonder churchmouse showed me a picture of a well endowed black man trying to stick his dick in a fleshlight, and a picture of a small dick loser, sliding his angry inch into a fleshlight. While the big black cock could barely get the tip in, the tiny penis failed the tp test, but finally found a hole small enough to fill with a pencil dick. Fun times right? Makes me wonder, with all the yearly fleshlight sales, just how many small penis humiliation junkies, are out there humping away in shame (or maybe with pride?), knowing that they at least succeed in the one place a big dick cannot. *LMAO*

Fleshlights For Big Dicks

Do men with larger than average MEGA DONGS really need fleshlights? I suppose if someone wanted to invent such, it could be used as a small penis humiliation implement. Imagine the shame when a tiny dicked white man attempts to mount a fleshlight made for big black cocks. It’s like throwing a cocktail weiner down a hallway. I think it would be really humiliating to watch a tiny dick man fuck a king dong fleshlight. Not that men with large penises have to use one, it would just be hilarious entertainment for me making a sph sub bitch, moan and whine while I cackled. If you are into fleshlights and small penis humiliation, I’d love to hear from you! Call 1-800-601-6975 and keep your hands off your tiny cocklet until I give you permission. Because only men with big black cocks have stroke privilege… and pussy privilege for that matter.


Mistress Brighton