lingerie auction

Lingerie Auctions are back! Stay tuned for more panty auction details. 1-800-601-6975

You read correctly! We’re bringing back lingerie auctions, which means YOU have a chance to bid on your favorite Mistress’ lady things. Are you excited? Because I’m excited. Keep reading.

Lingerie Auctions – Mistress Frilly Things

Interested? The participating Mistresses will post the details of their panty auction. There will be a starting bid, and the winner receives whatever is up for grabs. Could be satin panties… could be socks, a frilly lace teddy. This is your opportunity to own one of our intimate items. Bonus: You can prance around wearing a pair of Mistress panties, take pictures, show off your bits in sexy lingerie you acquired from your favorite femdom. For panty sluts, this is a dream cum true.

Panty Auctions – Rules And Regulations

What you will receive: A CLEAN set of lingerie, panties, bras, etc. sent directly to you. The duration of the auctions will depend on the individual Mistress and the price of the starting bid will depend on what is being sold. Once the auction is over the winner MUST contact the auction seller and make payment. If the winning bidder fails to pay within the specified amount of time, a runner up will be picked and have an opportunity to purchase.

Miss Brighton’s Frilly Things Returns

Guys, I have SOOOOOO much lingerie that I barely get to wear, plus when I’m home I don’t wear panties. Here’s a picture of my last auction items:

Lingerie Auction

With that said, keep an eye on my blog, subscribe, comment, let me know what you’d LOVE to own of mine, and I’ll deep dive into my lingerie stash and see what I can come up with. And keep an eye on other LDW Mistress blogs, as I’m sure I’m not the only one that will be selling sexy things for you to own, wear, stroke, and strut around in. See you soon and good luck to all those panty sniffers out there!


Mistress Brighton