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Panty Sluts – Girls On Film

Panty Sluts

Mistress Brighton loves panty sluts. 1-800-601-6975

Panty sluts are an absolute delight to me. And the only thing I enjoy more than wearing panties myself, is seeing you wear them, my panty slut sissy, and having you get on cam and show off for me. What I like most about panties is that you don’t “have” to be a sissy boi to appreciate them. Panty sluts can be sissies, cross dressers, or just a man with a panty fetish who enjoys the feel of frilly ruffles, and satiny fabric against hispanty sluts skin.

Panty Sluts Come In All Shapes And Sizes

My boyfriend – for instance – is a panty slut. He loves wearing my panties underneath his work clothes, and calling me from his office, to report how turned on he is from feeling the lace, satin, or silk rubbing against his cock. I will not discount – however – that I do have a lot of frilly sissies who call me, and want to talk about panties, specifically what they’re wearing, or they want to know what I’m wearing.. if I’m wearing anything!

Dressing Up With Mistress Brighton

Talking about panties and panty sluts wouldn’t be any fun if I didn’t mention playing dress up, now would it? I enjoy sissy and feminization calls, where my little panty slut and I can go shopping for new lingerie, and of course, if they are sissies, I like to pick out sexy outfits and shoes for them, too! As a matter of fact, it’s one of the reasons I’m so excited about my panty auction – which ends today, by the way. One lucky bidder will not only win my auction, but once they receive my panties, they get to model them on cam for me. Will it be you? If you like panties and you’re not shy about showing off for mistress, I’d love to hear from you, at 1-800-601-6975 with your “look of the day” and what kind of panties you’re wearing. Hope to hear from all you panty sluts out there!


Twinkle Mistress Brighton

Mistress Brighton




5 comments to Panty Sluts – Girls On Film

  • Onehandonmy

    Still remember ordering my first pair of panties 7 years ago!! Was so nervous when I saw the package on my front porch. From then I started buying more panties then said to myself why buy and wear them if no one knows? Very scared to admit that I was wearing them but as I got comfortable telling women I decided the next step would be to show them on cam!! Still get nervous when I do it but its so fun. And of course the next step to buying panties then wearing then showing is?……..that’s right, dancing around on cam to Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off”!!!!!

  • Petey cream puff

    Panties/boyshorts feel so good against my soft, waxed,girlish smooth skin. Just the soft, satin,silky fabric makes me hard instantly:0 also wearing a matching bra with pumps/lipstick and a slip 🙁 it reminds me that I really am a cream puff that you & Ms Cindy turned me into by having and keeping me in this. Every time we go shopping to Victoria’s Secret I always wet myself 🙁 I always complain I going with the 2 of you but both put your arms around me give me lipstick kisses on my cheeks and my body/hair/nails/breast change & grow. With the 2 of you taking control of me I’m in no position to say no to you as every time we go both of you put blush/lotion/perfume on me as well as apply lipstick on my lips.

  • Of course, it’s ok for men to wear panties especially if it makes them feel sensuous and sexy. And if you constantly think of girl panties then you should wear them every day. I would like to know how many men wear panties under man clothes?

  • Mike

    i been wearing boyshorts but i think bought size too small for me doesnt cover back of my ass very good bought a pack of them i dont know why i love wearing female panties and boyshorts i been plan on buying more soon maybe from victoria secert

    i dream of getting spanked while wearing them i would wear them for you if i must even let you give me spanking wearing them then yank them down for bare butt spanking what you say

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