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You Look Like A Panty Sniffer! Panty Fetish Exposed

panty sniffer panty fetish

Mistress Brighton talks about panty sniffer triple b and his humiliating panty fetish. 1-800-601-6975

Triple B is a panty sniffing, panty eating, panty slut. That’s right, we’re starting off this blog by throwing puppy slut right under the bus, and because I told the pathetic little bitch boy that I would. Triple B is not just a panty sniffer, but a long time caller to LDW, and I candidly reminded him of the time he failed to divulge such, to one of the Mistresses. But it doesn’t stop there, let me take you further down the rabbit hole of triple b’s mind.

Panty Sniffer Fetish

Triple B – in case you were wondering – stands for Brighton’s bitch boy. In addition to being a panty sniffer, one of triple b’s chores is cleaning my dirty panties…. with his mouth. I sometimes call him my human washing machine, because he will suck every last drop of Mistress juice from the crotch of my panties if you give him half a chance. And while it is one of his chores, it’s also a reward for completing his other tasks. And since he is a bottom feeding slug, most of his tasks involve using that disgusting trash receptacle of a mouth of his, to clean the bottom of my shoes, my floors, and other far more intimate areas of the house. But triple b is first and foremost a panty bitch.

Panty Fetish Exposed

I first discovered triple b’s addiction to abuse and humiliation, when I found a few pairs of my panties went missing, and found that he was hoarding them. He spent the rest of the evening with his head in the toilet bowl, reciting “I am a stupid fucking idiot loser” over and over while I plundered his pucker with one of my stilettos. Since that point, I now sometimes make him wear my dirty panties on his head while he does his chores, and nothing else. He loves scent play and me addicting him to the scent of his Domme. And if he’s been especially well behaved, he gets another of his favorite treats: My hot, sweat soaked leotards to drink and suck my sweat from before they go in the wash. He is often gagged with panties, and on a few occasions I made him wear a pair of my panties and that was the only thing he was allowed to wear.  So there you have it, triple is a panty sniffer, a panty slut, and has an undying fetish for Mistress panties that he simply can’t resist.

Now, time to come clean, sluts, you have a panty fetish too, don’t you? Would you like to earn the privilege of sniffing MY panties and being my panty sniffer, too? Entertain me by calling 1-800-601-6975 and ask for Brighton.

FUCK OFF!!!!!!!!!

Mistress Brighton

10 comments to You Look Like A Panty Sniffer! Panty Fetish Exposed

  • LOL! If You’re ever looking for an alternative nickname for Your humiliation slut, “swiffer sweeper” came to My mind while reading this post! Triple B is obviously and truly a glutton for punishment! The head in the toilet while being heel-fucked was My favorite! I could almost see it in My mind’s eye!

    • Brighton

      It’s a very therapeutic visual, Rachel. Especially after a long hard day, he can take whatever I dish out. And even if he can’t he will take it anyway! LOL

  • Goddess Mandy

    Ohh Ms.Brighton, I really like triple B! And what a great lil nickname for him, lol! I do think that there are a ton of boys that like scent play…most especially the lovely sweet scent of our panties…front and back of course! I am sure that any panty sniffing slut would jump out of his socks or perhaps his panties for a chance to be your “panty sniffer”!! 🙂

  • Tom

    I would love to be heel fucked with a 10 inch high heel

  • BBB

    Thank you Goddess Brighton! Serving You in all the different ways You use and abuse me has been such a privilege. Your scent is both intoxicating and addictive. Anyone who sniffs once cannot resist anymore.

    Now, as you instructed, I will go back and stick my head back in your toilet.

    • Brighton

      It is my pleasure using you as a human doormat and punch bag, now shut the fuck up and stick your head back in the toilet, moron! Muahahahahahaha!

  • Tom

    I would love to have my nylons and black high heels on and u make me get down on my hands and knees and make me suck cocks for cocksucking training

  • Sub male

    May sound kinky, bit i can relate to this very much…I´ve personally always had a huge fetish for women who wears thongs…And one of my biggest secret fantasies has always been sniffing that little string in the back after she´s worn it between her buttcheeks all day…The very “buttfloss” part of it! Don´t know how many times i´ve walked behind attractive women in the streets when i could see she´s wearing a thong through her pants or skirt and just staring at the string, thinking “God, i´d do anything to sniff her assfloss…Must smell like heaven after she´s had it wedged between her butt like that the whole day!” I often wish ladies´would use my mouth as a washing machine for their sexy worn thongs as well…

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