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Brighton’s links has arrived for your perusing pleasure! After checking out Mistress Harper’s post providing links to all her guest and group blog posts, I was inspired to do the same, so THANK YOU, Harper! I have posted a few guest blogs over the past couple of months, and I think this is great idea to showcase them and maybe direct some of my blog reading audience to any of my posts that you may not have read because you didn’t know they existed!  Also I tend to lose track of all the posts I’ve done, so this helps me as well. And without further adieu, here are my links and kinks!

Brighton’s Links And Kinks

Eat Your Cum For Mistress Brighton – May I Cum

The Big Cock Cuckold – Cuckold Boot Camp

Alyssa & Brighton’s Sissy Pool Party – Pricktease Princess Alyssa (Also Read Alyssa’s guest post here: Sissy Slumber Party)

Mistress Brighton Wants To Spend Christmas With You – Mistress After Hours

A Sissy Cuckold Husband – Sissyville

The Whiny Sissy – Cuckold Boot Camp

Ice Cream And Polka Dots – Humiliation Boot Camp

Adventures At Glory Mart – Humiliation Boot Camp

The Introverted Mistress – Mistress After Hours

Just Like Warm Apple Pie – May I Cum

Erotic Ass Play – May I Cum

I think that’s all of them currently, but since this is a link post, I will be updating it with the rest of my guest blogs as they are published. I have a couple of erotic stories on here as well and will more than likely be creating a master list post for those, too. Hope you enjoy them and happy reading!