Alyssa (78)

Goddess of Pricktease Alyssa πŸ˜‰

I’m sure after having your tiny cocklette exposed in front of a pool party full of ultra-masculine panty dropping men and two gorgeous Mistresses, you’re thankful when the day is over. You’re probably hoping to go home and try to forget today ever happened. You didn’t think you would get away with it that easily did you? Lol, Miss Brighton and I aren’t done playing with you yet!

Plucking the Pansy Boy

We love slumber parties, especially a sissy slumber party with our own sissy dress up doll! Hairy sissies are not cute. So I shave your legs until they are soft and smooth while Miss Brighton gets out the tweezers and plucks every hair from your tiny clitty and sissy balls. Why do we pluck? We love to hear your girly squeals of pain.

Ruffled Bottom Sissy

When all of that yucky hair is removed. Miss Brighton pulls out a pair of pink ruffled bottom panties. “I’ve been saving these for a very special occasion” She says and we both giggle as we make you put them on.

“Aww, look how your sissy cock disappears into those panties. Tell your tiny cock bye bye” I say. Your little cock may appear to be lost in all the frills and ruffles, but it’s not forgotten! It’s throbbing with excitement while you’re blushing with humiliation!

Plugged Sissy Servant

When your sissy transformation is complete, there’s only one thing left to do! I pull out a pink ribbed butt plug. “I was saving this for you Miss Brighton, but wouldn’t it be fun to put it in sissy instead?” Then we both laugh maniacally as we bend you over and stuff that cute sissy bottom. (Miss Brighton and I are firm believers in making sure you are emasculated in every way) You serve us of course. You spend the rest of the evening as our submissive sissy servant. Serving us drinks, lots of foot worship and let’s not forget the fluffing of certain ultra masculine panty dropping cocks!

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Goddess Alyssa