Ms. Brighton wants to help you with your sissy training.

Ms. Brighton wants to help you with your sissy training.

So this one time, I put my boyfriend in a cock cage. True story.  Not sure if I mentioned this, but I get a real kick out of transforming a man into a sissy, and helping little tarts, with their sissy training. I do it to my boy toys all the time. And no, not all of my pets are tiny dick wonders. My favorite is quite healthily endowed, and knows how to fuck. But there are times when I like having a little fun with him, and turning him into my big dick sissy, for no other reason than my sheer entertainment. Of course, there was this one time he didn’t do what I asked, and I decided to teach him a lesson.

No Boy Clothes For You.. Pet

First all his men’s underwear disappeared, and he had to wear panties for the rest of the week. He would call me up from work, telling me how hard it was to concentrate and how uncomfortable it was for his big cock to be restrained in frilly frocks, underneath his business suit. Awww, how sad for you darling,” I would reply, and then I emailed him a picture of the worlds tiniest violin.

About half way through the week, he figured out why I was mad at him, and started sending texts, and cutesy messages, and gifts and flowers, hoping that would get him off the hook. Boy, did he have another thing coming. I played his little game, inviting him over, and answering the door wearing nothing but a powder blue, lace apron teddy and some clear, strappy stiletto heels. I know his monster sausage was straining in the polka dot panties I’d made him wear that day. Since I knew the weekend was coming, the next thing to mysteriously vanish, was his overnight bag, and all of his clothes.

I instructed him to put on a cute little pink, ruffled dress that I had made especially for him, some mary jane pumps, and a cute little bow to wear around his neck. My big, sissy giant looked so darling in his new frocks!

Just Try It On For Me…

But I was hardly done with him.  I pulled out the beautiful glass case, that contained the chastity device I’d purchased, earlier in the week. Handing it to him I had him remove his frilly panties, and I told him to just try it on. At first he was reluctant to be put in a cock cage, but when I leaned over, purring in his ear that I wanted to ride him, and fuck him into his next life, and that it made me sooo wet thinking about him wearing a cage before he bent me over the bed… well… First we had to wait for his erection to go back down, he got so hard at the mere mention of me riding his thick dick.

He’s a big boy, so it was no small feat getting him into the device. But once it locked in place, him handing me the key, and standing up and giving me a twirl in his pretty dress, to show off his caged penis, I was grinning from ear to ear. So much so, that I told him it looked so lovely on him, that I was going to make him wear it for the rest of the weekend.  I’ve never seen a look of sheer terror, quite like the one that he wore, when I disappeared – laughing – with the key in hand, and left him sitting in my bedroom, to contemplate his life choices.

So how did things turn out for my “big boy?” Well let’s just say, he had to do any, and everything I told him to, if he wanted to get out of that cage on Sunday night. And I smiled, and teased, and taunted him the entire weekend. I suppose this should be your first warning, to never piss me off. Because my smile might be sweet, and seemingly harmless, but my wiles will be your undoing.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading. If you’d like to explore chastity and sissy training with me, you can reach me at  1-800-601-6975

See you soon!

Mistress Brighton