girl crushes

This blog is all about girl crushes, and one in particular! 1-800-601-6975

You would have to be absolutely under a rock, to not know who my favorite playmate is. But perhaps that is unfair, as I have a few favorites (a lot) that I am pining away for with my girl crushes. But this particular blog post is not just about two mistress calls, it’s about my bestestestest girl crush, and a very good friend.

Girl Crushes Who Grope Together

I would be referring to Goddess Alyssa of course. When she isn’t chasing me wearing a pink strapon, or riding her dolphin, or being distracted by me sticking carrots up her butt, she is a great source of sisterhood for me and I always feel better after I talk to her. She’s become one of my closest friends, sissy humiliation accomplices, and I enjoy doing two mistresses calls with her. It could be that I have a thing for blondes perhaps? But Alyssa is my favorite blonde, and as one lovely lady who’s name ends in IX, put it: We are joined at the butt. LOL

The Adventures of Brighton & Alyssa

Oh we get into trouble together. When we aren’t enjoying long moonlit walks on the beach, or riding horseback at a nudist resort…. or crashing people’s houses and jumping off their diving board (they were totally fucking so they didn’t give a damn), we have gone on many an adventure, exploring and chatting up the men folk. She and I do love to dance… both horizontally and otherwise, and Alyssa is really good at finding parties. Hehe..  Want to hear about some of our adventures? A two mistress call with us would be the way to go! I can’t wait to share in all our mischief, with you.

Mistress Brighton

Your Enchantrix Tease