Captured Slave

Goddess Brighton is going to lock you away forever. 1-800-601-6975

Be careful what you wish for. You would do good to heed that advice, but I knew you wouldn’t. You’re a risk taker after all, which is why you’re in a cage right now, after all. My friend Harry used to always wonder why my bed was so high. I have this big, Queen sized bed in my room, four posters and all, you know.. the one I showed you a picture of. The bed you were so curious about, that you jumped at the chance to see it, and get the answer to that question. Why is my bed so high? Well you sure found out, just like Harry, didn’t you?

Your Captivity Hell

There are so many reasons for capturing men, and keeping one or two as my captured slave. But by far, my favorite reason for capturing men, is the sheer look of terror on their faces, when they wake up naked, strapped to my bed, spread eagled, and realize they’ve been duped. Sometimes after a few cocktails on my couch, they wake up in cage… just like the one that’s under my bed. Dazed and confused from the special concoction they were given, and perhaps just a little uncomfortable, from the cock cage I locked on their penis, before I locked them up in their new slave quarters.

Luring You Into My Trap

It’s really not that hard, to convince you to come home with me. Whispering sweet promises of how I’m going to let you tie me up and make me scream with pleasure. My how the tables turn though, don’t they? When you discover that it’s you who’s going to be tied up and screaming with pleasure.. or pain.  And when I’m done with you, you’ll be spending plenty of time in captivity, under my bed in the special cage I had built, contemplating your life choices. Would you like to role play a scenario where you become my captive? Or perhaps you’d like me to lock you up for real? Give me a call at 1-800-601-6975 so we can discuss your captivity, and what it’s like to literally be underneath me at all times.

Mistress Brighton