Coached Cum Eating with Mistress Brighton (800)601-6975

Coached Cum Eating with Mistress Brighton (800)601-6975

Let’s face it, men have a limited amount of brain cells. Unlike women, they lack the ability to multi-task. That small number is further reduced when you bring arousal into the picture. Now, you would think – in this case – that you wouldn’t be able to get a man to do much of anything while he’s horny. But the remarkable thing about men, is that when you whittle them down to all but a few basic functions, you can get them to do anything. The question with cum eating is: How do you get a guy to eat his cum, after he’s blown his load?

Delicious And Nutritious

You must understand, boys, that with a mistress, we have ways of getting what we want, and we know how badly you want to cum, once you’ve gotten all worked up. And we know you wouldn’t enjoy being denied, after being built up for so long, now would you? Men are great at taking instruction during a guided masturbation session, and there are a couple of techniques as far as getting them from orgasm to cum eating. For instance, flipping your legs over your head, you can shoot straight into your open mouth when the magic happens, and don’t have to worry about wasting a single drop. Now if that’s not a possibility, you can cum in your hand, or in a shot glass, and “glub glub” right down the hatch!

Creative Cum Eating

I used to have a sub who absolutely LOVED to cum all over his food, and then eat it in front of me or on cam. Sometimes we’d have two sessions a day, where he’d put a little extra cream in his coffee and then gulp it down. Another time I had him give his glazed donut, a little extra icing, before stuffing into his mouth. Then there was the pizza incident. I’ll let you use your imagination, as to what kind of topping his pizza had, that night.

But I have to say that cum cubes are my absolute favorite. Because all you have to do, is shoot right into an ice cube tray, and wrap that load up and freeze it for later. The great thing about freezing, is that you can also keep adding, more and more cum to that ice tray, until you’ve got a perfectly formed, ready to eat, cum cube for consumption. Yum yum!

Now if you’ve never eaten your cum before, and you need some encouragement, my suggestion would be making cum cubes, saving up enough for a cum flavored popsicle, and then having your mistress make you stroke, and not allowing you to cum again, until you’ve sucked, and slurped that cumsicle down, and eaten every last drop.

Intrigued, and want to try cum eating for yourself? Schedule a coached cum eating session with me, by callingย 1-800-601-6975. I can’t wait to hear from you!