Sensual Teasing Mistress Brighton (800)601-6975

Sensual Teasing Mistress Brighton (800)601-6975

There isn’t anything I love more than getting inside your head, finding out what makes you tick, and teasing you until your cock is throbbing hard and begging for release.

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Teasing For Intense Orgasmic Pleasure

I’m not just talking about my coquettish smile, as I’m sitting across from you at a public coffee shop. Seductively eating a bag of potato chips while I rub my freshly lacquered, cherry red toes, up and down my smooth, sexy shin. I enjoy a deeper connection and a much more intense form of teasing.

Not that public teasing isn’t fun. There’s more to teasing than just wearing that super short, denim mini, and drawing attention to my legs. And I do get a giggle out of watching you spill your triple espresso latte all over the front of your suit and tie because you were trying to figure out whether or not I was wearing panties.

I’m referring to a more sensual teasing. That pleasurable, intense throbbing build up, keeping you on the edge, and not allowing you to cum, until you’ve received my express permission to do so.

A Man On The Edge

Keeping a man humbly at your disposal, and vulnerable to your every whim, all because he wants to cum so badly is a delight I relish in. My idea of teasing my boyfriend is making him wear a pair of my red lace panties to work. Granted, he doesn’t really fit them because he’s a “big boy,” but it’s fun making him wear them all day long. They’re usually scented with my perfume, my own more personal scent. But what’s more important is what I make him do in them while he’s sitting in his office.

I might call him at work and tell him in my sweetest, most seductive voice, to touch the outside of those panties for me. And while he’s edging that beautiful cock of his, I’m purring all sorts of indecencies in his ear. You can imagine how flushed he is, heart racing, when I tell him to stop, and then hang up the phone after instructing him to put his lace panties away and wait til he hears from me again.

Then, of course, there are the sexy texts and pictures I send to his phone. Like that one time I sent him a picture of me all soapy and lathered up in the shower, oh my!

That Magic Moment

I’m sure you’re wondering what happened to my “big boy” after a day of being my stroke slut, subjected to orgasm denial and hours upon hours of orgasm edging until his cock was leaking, and he’d made quite a mess of pre-cum in that lace thong.

I can tell you, I got a lot of presents, and a beautiful bouquet of roses that day, while he was waiting to cum. Let’s just say, my boyfriend loves to spoil his mistress. So, did I finally allow him to cum? Mmm, I’m going to let that be my little secret, but if and when you chat with me, if you’re a good boy, I might tell you how the night ended for my sweet, cock edging boy toy.

Kisses and Giggles,

Your Enchantrix Tease Miss Brighton