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Time for a story submission from Nacho Joe, and how he ended up in my under the bed cage. Miss Brighton 1-800-601-6975

Goddess Brighton woke from her century long sleep.  Stretching on her large soft bed.  Feeling her body wake from it’s’ slumber.  After her coffee she decided to check on the world.  It had been a long time since her powers were felt in the world and she wondered how things were. What she saw horrified her.  Men were running around being proud of their small penises.  Women were pretending that those same men were stretching them out and satisfying them.  She even saw some men cumming whenever they wanted to.

Goddess Brighton disappeared in a little puff of fragrant pink smoke, and reappeared moments later in front of a store called Walmart.

Inside people were wearing the most ridiculous things that she had ever seen in her immortal life.  Men acting like entitled assholes, while women stood around as if nothing was wrong.  Goddess Brighton couldn’t stand it.  Not even her influence on the world could correct this much corruption. Using her powers Goddess Brighton gathered up all of the spray bottles of Lysol, and all the lighters in the entire store.

Capturing the spray Goddess Brighton spoke to the masses

“Women.  Take control of the men.  Why are you letting them act this way?  Men.  Behave yourselves now before I have to take control of you.”  She shouted.  Some male made the mistake of telling her to shut up.  Goddess Brighton had had all she could take.  She ignited one of the Lysol balls and sent it hurtling at the stupid male.

Pandemonium broke loose as people tried to run or hide from the angry Goddess.

Goddess Brighton lit every ball she had and was preparing to level this place and everyone in it when she felt something on her butt.  She see, in the reflection on the door, a cheesy hand print on her butt. Looking a little closer, she saw a drooling male eating nachos while staring at her butt.  Goddess Brighton turned to fully face him.   “Come here mortal.”  She commanded.  “I can cum?  That’s permission.”  With that he begin furiously fapping away.  Nacho topping flying all over as he faps.  “Stop that.  There is no cummies.  What is your name?”  She demands.

“Nacho Joe, Goddess.”  He says as he stops fapping and resumes eating his nachos.

“Nacho, I have this strange feeling that you are constantly going to be in trouble.”  Goddess Brighton says. “It wasn’t me Goddess.  It was Tommy.”  Nacho says as he continues eating. “Right Nacho.”  She says.  Something peeks her interest about Nacho Joe.  She puts a collar around his neck, and disappears, leaving the rest of the people alone.  The men begin acting the same as before the Goddess appeared.  The women however had heard the Goddess.  They began putting their feet down and taking control of the men.  Turning the world into a better place.

And That… Is How Nacho Joe Ended Up

In my under the bed cage as my captured slave! Got a hot captivity roleplay you’d like to try over the phone?  Call me! Just dial 1-800-601-6975 and ask for Mistress Brighton. I also do custom audios!


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