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Miss Brighton answers: What the fuck is a strokeathon? 1-800-601-6975

By now if you’re an LDW devotee, you’ve been hearing about the strokeathon coming up next month hosted by cock control. I have had some questions about the strokeathon 2021, and so I’d like to answer the most prominent of those questions: WHAT THE FUCK IS A STROKEATHON????

What The Fuck Is A Strokeathon?

Basically the strokeathon is you competing with other chronic masturbators to see who can last the longest without cumming. There’s gonna be a gaggle of LDW Mistresses watching, hostessing, and giving you live guided masturbation instructions. It’ll last anywhere from 30-60 minutes depending on participation. The more strokers join in, the more time you get with the Mistresses. Now here’s the real kicker, you’re gonna be on cam. That’s right, you are the main event buddy! The Mistresses will be watching you. That insures no cheating. So if you want the big prize, you’re gonna have to pay up and show us your dick.

Strokeathon Participant Rules

Everyone buys their ticket to entry for this event. Deadline September 15th. You snooze, YOU LOSE! No soup for you! September 18th at 6pm the big show happens, you hand your ticket to the Master of ceremonies, and then you whip your dick out. This is like… literally the best way to get a woman to look at your dick, honestly. You pay, we watch! But don’t you dare fucking cum! The best stroker gets the grand prize…. fuck face!

Who Will Be There?

You will be stroking on cam for the Mistresses present. Now I WILL NOT be there, but I know who is going to be there! Not telling. You’ll just have to watch twitter and Enchantrix Empire social to find out the deets of who you’ll be stroking for. My suggestion to all participating is to start training NOW! Since we’re promoting sexy texting this month, why not schedule a text session where you can ask questions and get guidance for how to GO THE DISTANCE for the strokeathon? You can even do text sessions with me and I will whip that weenie into shape…. literally. Muahahahahahaha!!!!

Sexy Texting Strokeathon Training

Many of the ladies are offering strokeathon training via text sessions on sexy texting. If you’re not sure who to do a guided masturbation session with, why not call into dispatch and ask who’s available and who does cock control training. If you want to do cock control training with me, just dial 1-800-601-6975 and ask for Mistress Brighton or find me on the sexy texting site. But seriously DO NOT MISS THIS EVENT, because regardless of who is there, it’s gonna be rad!


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