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Miss Brighton welcomes you to masturbation may and phone humiliation month! Crying while jerking off is encouraged. 1-800-601-6975

Holy fuckballs! Another month down the tube, and here we are in the merry month of May, so you know what that means. It’s Masturbation May, and just in time for masturbation month, we’ve got a new site of the month, a new mistress of the month, and a month long opportunity for me to make your life a living breathing phone humiliation hell. Operation crying while jerking off, is a go!

Masturbation May

During masturbation may, we encourage you to touch yourself. Cumming is another story entirely. Masturbation is a healthy way to relieve stress, anxiety, help you relax OR boost your energy. I personally love giving myself a hand – or a vibrator – whenever I need that “freshly fucked” feeling and the boy toy isn’t available. Last month was body worship month, and masturbation is a way to worship your own body, and make yourself feel good. You don’t “have” to cum, to masturbate, as a matter of fact the goal of masturbation is more to get in touch with your body and learn more about yourself. Orgasms are just the bonus. So I like to make men edge for me, to the point of gooning, because orgasms are reserved for the deserving, and for the cum eaters. Because if I let you cum, you’re gonna eat it! Along with many other humiliating things I enjoy doing to submissive men. And speaking of phone humiliation….

Phone Humiliation

Our May site of the month is phone humiliation! Which is why I named this blog: Crying While Jerking Off. Phone humiliation pays homage to the lovely group of humiliatrix Goddesses who enjoy degrading, debasing, and humiliating anyone who craves such and is addicted to degredation. Think Nurse Ratched on steroids. The Humiliatrix is one who knows her craft and enjoys turning you into a sobbing, salty puddle of bitch. So yes, you will be allowed to jerk off, and yes I will be laughing at you while you have a sad cum.

Crying While Jerking Off

I tend to tap dance down the path of debauchery and hellfire. That means I’m a strapon loving, buttfucking, blaspheming, sploshing, small penis mocking hellcat with horns. I enjoy laughing at your expense, making you confess you’re a stupid fucking loser, and I am the furthest thing from a nurturing mommy Domme you will ever find. Just the thought makes me wretch. I don’t mind playing the sadistic MILF next door, just so long as you know, that if you want me to be your MILF Domme, I’m gonna brand my name on your nuts and have you crying while cumming. Fun times for me, terrifying times for the ignorant subby. Which is why I stress that you please read my blog posts, because if you don’t and you decide just on my voice alone that I’d be sweet as pie and the Mistress of your dreams, you will end up crying in therapy and traumatized for life. Think mean mistress candy van, gingerbread crumbs that lead you deep into the woods to a house that looks and smells like cakes and candy. And then you step inside and Lil Nas X is playing, there’s a roaring fire going in a wood burning stove, hooks hanging from the ceiling, and a giant St. Andrews cross with your name on it. Oh.. did I go too far? Nonsense! There is no such thing as too far with phone humiliation! Muahahahahaha!

Welcome To Hell

So maybe just maybe I enjoy abusing and humiliating sissies, spanking balls, laughing at tiny penises, and making you cry while fucking your butthole. If this is terrifying to you, and you don’t enjoy humiliation, RUN AWAY NOW!!!!!! If you enjoy being pushed past anything resembling sanity, and enjoy serving a Domme who’s batsh*t crazy, welcome! I’ll be your guide. So here’s the fun part, if you want to do humiliation phone sex sessions, or guided masturbation sessions, or some other really weird stuff – I’m into it if you are buddy – call me! Dial 1-800-601-6975 and ask for Mistress Brighton. If you want a depraved erotic custom audio, click the hyperlink to go to my custom audio page. If you want a texting session and you like humiliating yourself on cam for Goddess, you can set up your session on our sexy texting site. DO NOT, message me on skype to set up a session/ask if I’m available, you will get ignored. Instead, email me at brighton@enchantrixempire.com to set up your session or inquire about appointments.