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Updates from Miss Brighton on mercury retrograde shenanigans! 1-800-601-6975

As I briefly mentioned last blog post, my pc is in need of another graphics card….. BECAUSE MERCURY ATE IT! As we speak I’m sitting here with the case open, air on it, keeping it cool, because mercury has been rather hungry, and retrograde started 3 days ago.

What Is Mercury Retrograde

It’s a major sh** fucker upper, that’s what. Not really, but during MR, the planet slows and appears to be moving backwards. It’s not really moving backwards, during this time it’s advised to be careful because Mercury rules communication, technology, and misunderstandings run amok. The positives are that MR is a good time to reflect, and finish up any old stuff you were working on. So is MR a big deal? For me it is, I’m wary of it, because sometimes it can mean chaos. So apparently this round of MR is the chaos round. Just ask anyone who had machinery, electronics, appliances, cars, or technological snafus on or right before the 16th.

Mercury Has A Computer Fetish

Mercury just really gets off on jerking off with people’s computer equipment. That may sound funny, however I have previously had technology die on me during a retrograde. I can only deduce that Mercury took my devices as tributes. We are in a pandemic, and this is the LAST retrograde of the year. We also have two full moons this month. The first was on the 1st…. literally. The second is… are you fucking ready for this??? Halloween! The universe has a wicked sense of humor right? As if this year wasn’t already a 3 ring goddamn circus!

New Bits And Bobs

New graphics coming this week, until then, overheating my precious is OUT.  I am currently able to use it for work stuff, just not any games or virtual worlding until I doctor my Betsy. Betsy is four years old, which isn’t too bad in computer years.

New Audios And The Blog Train

Hey gaiz guess what? Guess what? Guess Whaaaaaaatttt???? We have a new 10 Mistress humiliation audio out! Mistress Delia teamed up with us and we created “Faggot Humiliation.” Disclaimer: Yes I know some people don’t like that word, so not to worry if faggot humiliation isn’t your cup of tea, we’ll be working on more multi-mistress projects in the future. Now if you get off on being called any variation of faggot, you will love this audio! It features me, Delia, Willow, Harper, Ruby, Constance, Erika, Claire, Kellie, and Scarlet. Audio is 8 minutes and 4 seconds long.

Scorpio Season

Why yes! My birthday is 2.5 weeks away, and I’ll be celebrating at home… you know… because you can’t really go anywhere right now (you can, I’m just not). If you would like to send some happy birthday prezzies, please send either amazon gift cards or etsy gift cards, so as not to overload our office. You can send e-gift cards to brighton@enchantrixempire.com and I will love you forevermore! (No I will not marry you and no you can’t come to my house… ROFLMAO)


In case you’ve been under a rock, I do calls. ROFLMAO! You can call me by dialing 1-800-601-6975 and asking for Brighton. I am available for skype sessions, just please email me first, I do not monitor skype, if you message me on skype you’ll probably get ignored. You also have the option like say – if you fucking hate skype – to do sessions on discord! Enchantrix Empire has a discord server, and I have my own private server for sessions.

Can’t Call?

Order a custom audio! There is a 20.00 extra fee for requests without scripts. With scripts go here and place your order based on length of audio you want.  And of course we have a whole big phone sex audios site, you can get everything from ringtones to humiliation. And that’s all from the news desk, have a great week!


Mistress Brighton