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Churchmouse loses his anal virginity and you can too, with Mistress Brighton! 1-800-601-6975

Slutbunny churchmouse the panty thief, aka the saintly sinner of a very conservative vanilla life, has lost his anal virginity. Mostly because he had a fantasy of getting porked up the ass real good with my strapon, after sniffing my asshole. Of course we had to opt for a more remote alternative, which is a lovense remote buttplug. It was a pretty rockin good time! I very much love remote play with toys, and pushing churchmouse’s buttons.. hard.

Anal Virginity – Lube It Up And Bend Over!

My advice for anal play if you’re a first timer, is start small and then work your way up. I don’t care how goddamn horny you are, if you ram the largest thing you can find up your ass, because boner, you are going to hurt yourself, possibly end up in the ER, with the hospital staff trying to keep a straight face, as you describe how you gave yourself an anal fissure. Or worse, why you can’t get the thing you stuck up your ass, out of your ass! Churchmouse opted for the lovense, and the best part of plugging him in and turning him on, was him proposing to the dispatcher, proposing to me, and having to stuff his cum covered panties in his mouth.

Wearing His Wife’s Dirty Panties Was The First Assignment

Yep! He had to wear his wife’s used pink panties all day before his session. Then I made him sniff, lick, and suck on them until it was time to have the buttplug party. “Mistress, these smell like my asshole,” was his first response after having to take them off and sniff them. Bwahahahahahaha! The moment I was connected and started playing with his ass, was non stop entertainment. It really is fun watching a grown man unravel as you trigger his gspot.

Your Gspot Is In Your Ass

Clearly god has a sense of humor, because while men love to profess how manly they are, you stick a finger up their asses and they turn into a puddle of orgasmic feels. It was really amusing watching churchmouse lose his collective sh*t experiencing his first vibrating anus adventure. And you can too! If you like playing remotely, all you need is a lovense toy, a mobile phone, and the lovense remote app, and then I can play with your asshole!

Anal Adventures With Mistress

There’s a bit of prep to set up, and you will need to add me on the lovense app and make sure you have a good mobile signal. Please for the love of nutella make sure you have a good cell phone signal, some of you call me from some really sh*tty phones… you know who you are. If you want me to watch you on skype, you know the rules of engagement: email me at first and make sure I’m available on skype. Email is the fastest way to reach me, as I ignore skype unless I’m in session. If you need help setting up skype and lovense, you can call me and I will help you, but keep in mind that set up time is going to take away from time we have to actually play, so make sure you take that into consideration. In otherwords, don’t book a 10 minute session and then take 9 minutes to get your sh** together. Ready to lose your anal virginity? Call me at 1-800-601-6975 and ask for Brighton. TTFN and happy buttfuckery!


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