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Welcome to camp Enchantrix and the haunted showers of SPH. Our next stop on the Halloween blog train. 1-800-601-6975

Welcome to the Camp Enchantrix Halloween blog train! The train kicked off with Miss Cassidy, and now we’re rolling out of the station. Next stop: The haunted showers of SPH. Keep reading!

It started with laughter. Ron was already unnerved being new to summer camp, his first summer being away from home, after being encouraged to apply for a job at camp Enchantrix. All the other male counselors were athletic studs, the women counselors were intimidating, and Ron – being very short and frail looking – found interacting with counselors humiliating. Especially after his initial introduction, when after being introduced to the head camp counselor, Brighton, she looked him up and down and snickered, “welcome to camp Enchantrix, squirt!” Then she laughed and walked away.

The Haunted Showers

After his embarrassing intro, he was given a tour of the camp, and shown where he would be bunking. “All males in this cabin, showers are in the adjacent building. Boys shower at night, girls shower in the morning, and absolutely no co-ed fraternizing with staff after hours.” Brighton said sternly. Ron dropped his head, unable to meet her gaze. “Oh, and one more thing… there’s a rumor going around, that the men’s showers are haunted. I’ve never seen or heard anything, but it’s probably the guys playing pranks. If I were, you, I’d take your shower early, and don’t go near that area after midnight.” Ron looked at her puzzled by the warning, but decided she was right, and that showering early would be less humiliating, than having to stand next to the built studs he had to work and bunk with.

Haunted Laughter

The sun began to set, and Ron slipped away to hurry and take his shower before the rest of the camp members got there. Grabbing his towel, he entered the shower area and turned on the jets, letting the hot water spray his back. Turning to stick his face under the shower, he heard a faint giggle, and then stopped. Looking around he saw no one else in the shower area, then he heard the laughter again this time louder, the voice unmistakably feminine. “Hello??! Is someone there?” Ron folded his arms tightly, and peered over the partition. And then he heard more voices.

The Ghosts Of Camp Enchantrix

Several haunting voices, all laughing at him. Ron froze in horror, “who’s there????!!! If this is a joke it’s not funny!!!” The laughter was behind him now, Ron turned and they rose above him, cackling all around his naked body, and then a squeaking noise, coming from the window above the shower head. The light casting a slight reflection, and illuminating the ghostly finger, writing something against the fogged up glass. Ron was in shock, too scared to reach for his towel and run away. He made out the first two letters: T-I. As the ghost finger continued to write, it was clear they were trying to tell him something. N-Y….. Ron couldn’t tear his eyes away, as the writing continued. When it was done, it read the words “tiny penis.” Ron shrieked in horror, grabbing his towel and running out of the showers. He cowered in his bed, with the covers pulled tight, for the rest of the evening.

Camp Enchantrix: The Morning After

Ron was a wreck at breakfast, sitting alone at his table. His hands were shaking as he tried to eat his cereal, but his mind was stuck on the laughing ghost, that knew his secret. One of the counselors sat down next to him, “what’s up man? You look a mess! And you kept crying out and whimpering last night. Bad dreams?” He looked up, eyes wide and shook his head, “I… I saw something last night.” The stud counselor perked up, “oh… what’d you see?” Ron explained everything to him, the laughing, and the warning the head counselor gave him. The counselor looked puzzled, “wait who? You said Brighton warned you about the showers?” Ron nodded in response. The guy laughed and shook his head, “man I don’t know what you’re on, but Brighton couldn’t have told you anything… she built this place 60 years ago and she’s been long gone for about 20 of those.”

The Truth

His words took a moment to register. “No…. no it was her. I saw her, she greeted me when I arrived..” The counselor just smiled, “come on, I will prove to you that you couldn’t have seen her.” He led Ron down the path to the main office and unlocked the door. Once inside, he pointed to the portrait on the wall. It was a large picture, of a smiling Brighton, holding the camp Enchantrix plaque. Her eyes gleaming, her smile lighting up her face. Then he saw the year on the picture, and shook his head violently. “That’s her!” he cried, “she was here! She was right here and gave me a tour of the camp!” Ron backed away, as he looked in shock at the picture, which seemed to distort. Brighton’s grin becoming more feral, almost mocking. Then the picture winked, and he heard the counselor’s voice, far off in the distance, “we’ve all been here a long time, and if she marks you, you can never leave…. tiny penis.” Ron turned and screamed, seeing the figure moving swiftly toward him, a wide smile and hysterical laughter, before everything went black.

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