sissy walk of shame cum facial

It’s time for your sissy walk of shame with Mistress Brighton 1-800-601-6975

Nope! That’s not hair gel on that sissies face! For those in the know, I love humiliating sissies and making them prance, suck cock, and waddle for my amusement. I also enjoy implementing cuckolding into sissy humiliation, and that’s why the sissy walk of shame is so exciting to me. Because the sissy walk of shame, is the one you do after a real man shoots his load all over your face.

Sissy Walk Of Shame

If you’re unfamiliar, in the virtual world, you can wear a hud that allows people to cum on you, and you can also set it so you can’t wash it off right after. So what if.. in the real world, you were not allowed to wash that cum off your face until you had serviced several men, swallowed several loads of cum, and worn your cum facial badge of honor during the whole ordeal? Forget a glory hole, you’re the center stage attraction. But that’s not all, you have to walk around in public with cum on your face!

Public Sissy Humiliation

In a safe sane and consensual setting, I would make your beta sissy ass march around wearing your cum facial, and do your sissy walk of shame for all to see, and mock, and laugh at you. I am snickering at the sane part, because I’m a loopy domme, and while the safe and consensual are very important, my sanity left a long time ago. So in my warped mind, I would enjoy making an exhibit of you, and tormenting you with endless teasing. Think you’re ready to play with the big girls? Call me! I think it would be even more fun if I passed you around to my friends during your walk of shame during a pass the penis session. We do love teasing and humiliating sissies. Dial 1-800-601-6975 and ask for Brighton.



Mistress Brighton