ballgown pimp

Miss Brighton is the ultimate Ballgown Pimp! Find out what’s under her dress. 1-800-601-6975

My last blog explored sissy ball gowns and cocksucking. This blog, we’re discussing ballgown PIMP. As in p-i-m-p. As in I would gladly wear a fucking ridiculously extravagant ballgown, and then not only have you suck a bag of dicks for me, I’d be strapped underneath, ready to plow your ass-pussy until you can’t walk. Forget Cinderella, sissies, this is where the real party begins!

Ballgown Pimp – What’s Under Miss Brighton’s Dress?

Well for one, I’ve got a nice yummy strapon she-cock under my dress. And the fucking gown is so big I could probably fit an entire sub or four under it, and take turns fucking them under my dress, and no one would know. Now, in reality, the dress in the picture would be so intricately detailed and designed, and there’d be so much goddamn fabric, I probably would not be able to realistically walk around in it without knocking the fuck out of people in my path or for a 5 mile perimeter. But in the fantasy world? Oh my… I could have a lot of fun in a dress like that. Think 18th century gowns with skirts so big you could fit a circus in them. Now imagine being the little slut sucking me off underneath!

happy valentine's day

Ballgown Pimp – Whorey Cocksucker

I’m a deviant by my very nature, so the offer still stands: You, wearing a sissy ball gown whilst being a cocksucking slutwhorebag. Me, wearing a massive, Marie Antoinette style, and parting my skirts to split you in half with my lady cock. Interested? Dial me up, fuckers! Let’s talk ball gowns, cocksucking, butt fucking, and cum dumping. 1-800-601-6975 is the number, just ask for Brighton! Oh yeah and Happy Valentine’s Day!


Mistress Brighton