CFNM Is how you properly serve your Mistress. 1-800-601-6975

Mistress Brighton's AnniversaryI love to see a man naked, vulnerable to me, and completely exposed. For my scrutiny or entertainment, so I am an advocate for clothed female naked male domination, or CFNM, for short. It allows me to see every inch of you, including the inches that matter most.

CFNM Get Naked

Having a man naked and on his knees is one of the best ways to submit to a woman. I actually prefer men to be naked around me at all times, unless he’s a sissy, or into crossdressing. I might let you wear something, sure.. like a little bow around your penis – if it’s tiny – and a big bow, for those large packages that women like me love to unwrap. I also enjoy the idea of CFNM as a form of public humiliation. Being naked for Mistress is the very first form of servitude that you will learn, and from there, you will learn my tastes, likes and dislikes. What are my likes, you ask? Well I can give you one: The only think I like more than seeing a man naked… is seeing several naked!

The CFNM Virtual Event

Speaking of several men naked, the Mistresses are hosting a CFNM event, at our virtual Enchantrix Empire location. There will be lots of naked men on display, strutting their stuff and letting it all hang out. So yes, if you attend the CFNM party you MUST be naked – if you’re a man – everyone else can wear what they like! I’m looking forward to all the naked male butts and “packages” on display. Hope to see you there! If you would like to discuss your CFNM fantasies with me, you can reach me at 1-800-601-6975.