cross dressing

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I love it when my boyfriend puts on my lace panties and some stockings and heels. Seeing his cock swell against the fabric right before he takes me and fucks my brains out. Here’s why I think more men should explore cross dressing, and why cross dressing is sexy.

Cross Dressing – Letting A Man Be A Man

First off let me just say that there is NOTHING emasculating about enjoying the feel of women’s clothing against your skin. A lot of people confuse cross dressing, with other forms of feminization, such as the roles played by sissies. You can wear a skirt and heels and still fuck me out of my mind. As a matter of fact I’ve had some of my best orgasms when me and the Mr. were playing role reversal and he wast my crossdressing slut. I wore his clothes – he wore mine. I’ve explored many fantasies with callers where they wanted to be dressed like a woman and then fuck. I’m all for that kind of party. And I have total respect for men who – as a way of getting in touch with the feminine – enjoy cross dressing, but aren’t necessarily wanting to be dominated by a woman.

Kinky Cross Dressing Fantasies

Many moons ago I had a regular client who enjoyed role playing a lesbian fantasy, where he was a woman involved with myself, and engaged in lesbian sex. Cross dressing can bring out many unexpected feelings and desires that I am open minded about exploring. No need to be shy or reluctant to share your fantasy, as stated I don’t do kink shaming. I want to learn about your cross dressing kink, if you have one. What’s your favorite color? Dresses or skirts? Pantsuits? Tell me all about your women’s clothing passions! And then put that sexy outfit on, because that’s when the real fun begins, for both of us. Mmmm… don’t be scared, we can have great sex while you’re wearing your “girl” clothes.