Nacho Story

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Did you enjoy part 1 of my nacho story: A Twisted Tale Of Nachos? I certainly did, and my nacho pet has delighted me by writing part two to the story. Now, if you were listening to the special “threesome” Galentine’s Day show last Friday, a question was posed: Where does Mistress Brighton put all those hot peppers? You’re about to find out. Without further adieu, here’s the sequel to the nacho story written by: Nacho Joe.

A Nacho Story Like No Other: Nacho Pet Gets Punished

You come home from a girls’ night out. You’re still semi-giddy from all the fun, and alcohol. There was flirting with your friends, teasing a couple of guys that thought they were god’s gift to women, a great conversation with your friends.

As you unlock the door and step inside, your mind switches to Mistress mode as you feel something crunchy under your feet. You look down and see that the floor is covered in chips, olives, and hamburger. You look up. The walls are painted with avocado, sour cream, and salsa. You go to your room and find the cage door under your bed is open. You check your phone to see if I misused the panic button that would unlock my cage. It doesn’t show anything. You hear my maniacal laughter coming from out back.

You head to the back door. You make a quick stop in the kitchen. As you expected, the cupboard with my nacho supplies is open. You look at the door next to it. You can see that I tried to get into it, but the lock held me back. A wicked smile plays over your soft lips. You unlock the door and reach way in the back. The jar has gloves attached to it to keep you safe when you use it. You put the gloves on and walk out the back door. A quick search reveals my hiding place.

You sneak up behind me. You’re so quiet that I don’t even know I’m in trouble until you tackle me to the ground. You sit on my back. You are in the right spot to hold me down with a minimum effort on your part.You give me a few disciplinary spankings. You’re glad to see that I only have my underwear on. This makes the next phase of my punishment easier.

You unscrew the lid of the jar. You place the lid and jar on the ground next to you. You pull my underwear down and spank me a few more times for good measure. You do like the sight of a freshly spanked bottom. You pick the jar back up. These are the hottest peppers you could find. You wanted them hotter though so you have had them marinating in tabasco sauce. You force one, two, three, and then a fourth pepper into my ass. The peppers and tabasco sauce making me feel as if I’m on fire. I cry and beg for mercy. You slap my ass and tell me that I brought this on myself.

When you slapped my ass it caused me to tighten my anus. Thus all the juice and sauce starts coating the inside of my ass. I cry out and try to get up to do something to sooth my burning ass. You hold me down easily though. You make me tell you everything that I did tonight while you were gone. I tell you how the door didn’t latch when it closed. I was hungry so I went to get some nachos. The sight of the clean house was to much for me though. I had to decorate it with nachos. I go into great detail of all the things that I did to decorate your house.

You get up and have me stand and pull my underwear back up. You tell me that I must keep the peppers in my ass until the house is sparkling clean. I bow my head in shame as I go in to start cleaning.

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