All that and a bag of nachos. Call Ms. Brighton and let’s get messy. 1-800-601-6975

One of my lovely callers wrote me a fun and erotic story about cheesy nachos, and has given me permission to share it! As you know, I am a huge food play and sploshing enthusiast, so I thoroughly enjoyed this story, and I hope my readers enjoy it too. A special thank you to Joseph, or as some of you may know him: Nacho Joe. 😉

All That And A Bag Of Nachos

You’re lounging on your favorite lawn chair in the back yard.  Your favorite playlist coming from the small speaker you have attached to your phone.  Your red dress and long hair gently blow in the cool summer’s breeze.  The sun feels warm and relaxing.  You look up and see me gleefully playing with a bag of chips and jar of cheese. You stretch and look at the time.  It’s almost time for me to return to my cage.  You snap your fingers.  You can just barely hear me grumble as I close the lid on the jar of cheese and reseal the bag of chips.  You clear your throat and I apologize for being grumpy.


I walk towards you in preparation of being put back into my cage.  I’m still not sure what happened.  One second I am heeding your call like a good little pet, the next I’m lying face down on the patio.  Even worse, the lid on the cheese wasn’t on as tight as I thought.  As I look up I see cheese all over your pretty feet and the bottom of your dress. I look up at your face.  Your eyes are flashing with irritation.  Food play is only permitted when you directly give me permission, or when you feel like teasing me.  Thankfully the anger leaves your eyes quickly.  You assure me that you know it was an accident.  Instead of punishing me, you decide that I have to be taught to be more careful.


You make me leave my chips and cheese on the patio, and carry you into the house.  Cheese is so hard to get out of the carpet.  You have me set you down on the couch.  You then instruct me to help you out of your dress, and then to soak it so that it won’t stain. My hands tremble as I unfasten your dress and slide it off you.  I make sure not to touch you, as you haven’t said that I could.  My eyes feast on your gorgeous body.  I hear you giggle and know that I must have gotten too excited as I stare at your gorgeous, magnificent body.  The fact that you are now wearing nothing but a rather sheer pair of panties does nothing to help me with my little problem.  You swat me on the ass and tell me to get moving.  I jump and yelp but quickly comply.


I come back with a towel to clean up the mess that I inadvertently made.  Thankfully there is no cheese on the carpet.  You ask me what I think I’m going to do with a towel.  I lower my eyes and say that it’s to clean up the cheese.  You laugh and tell me that I’m silly.  You tell me that I should know that I don’t get to use a towel.  You want me to lick the cheese off you. I try to contain my excitement at this.  I’m going to be allowed to touch you.  OMG!!!  I dropped down to my knees and quickly crawl to you.  I don’t want to waste time in case you change your mind. 


I ask permission to lift and cup your foot with my hand.  Just so that no cheese will drip onto the carpet of course.  You nod your assent.  As my hands touch you, I am immediately transported to subspace.  Your skin make silk feel rough in comparison.  The scent of your lotion makes me dizzy with desire.  Your skin is a little warmer than normal from being out in the sun. I begin eagerly sucking on your toes.  I do each one individually.  I want to make this last as long as possible for so many reasons.  I don’t think cheese ever tasted so good.  I savor the spicy taste of the cheese mingled with your sweetness.  I can’t help the moan of pleasure that escapes my lips as my tongue slowly laps between your toes.


Once your toes are clean, I move to the top of your foot where most of the cheese landed.  I slowly lick up every drop from your smooth flawless foot.  I am so excited that I temporarily forget myself.  I start kissing your feet.  You quickly stop me with a swat on the ass with your electric bug zapper. I apologize profusely for my lack of control.  I pick up your other foot and start cleaning it with my tongue.  Oh you taste so wonderful.  I would gladly go the rest of the day without nachos if only you would let me spend it kissing and worshipping you. 


You are watching me now.  You figure I will try something again.  Once you are satisfied that your feet and toes are clean, you pull them away from me.  You tell me to go and put your dress in the washer.  I, of course, do as commanded.  When I come back you stand up and lead the way to your bedroom.  You open the door to the cage under your bed.  I beg for permission to hug you just once before going back in.  You deny my request stating that I have had way to much physical contact with you today.  I crawl into my cage and hear the lock click as the door closes.  I find my spare supply of nachos and start happily munching as I remember the feel and taste of you.