Humiliation Punishment

Here’s a two part humiliation punishment story, part one by Nacho Joe! 1-800-601-6975

A few months ago, nacho pet sent me a blog submission, and while I’ve been meaning to post this, life happened and I didn’t get around to it til now. I am a tease, aren’t I? *snortlaugh* Anyhoo, here is part one of the story, written by nacho nacho, followed by part two, my reply and punishment!

Humiliation Punishment Part One: The Naughty Prank

“Ok Nacho nacho.  Tell me how you did it.”  She says staring daggers down upon me.

“Best Buy was more than happy to give me a decent laptop to get me to stop edging in their store.  Circuit City supplied me with a great sound card provided I stop touching all the electronic parts with my nacho covered fingers.  Walmart gave me the speaker as long as I promised not to use their carry out service for my nacho supplies.  Then I went onto your webpage and downloaded some of your free SPH audios, Mistress.”

“So what made you think that doing this would be a smart idea?”

“I knew it wasn’t a smart idea, Mistress.  I did think it would be funny though.”  I say with a hopeful smile that this might appease her some.

“You thought it would be funny to play a SPH audio while I’m with my bull?  Did you even think about what the consequences would be?”

“Yes Mistress.  After considering it, I thought it would be worth it Mistress.”


“A. Johnny is always kind of an ass to me, so I thought it would be fun to knock him down a little.  B. You stopping early meant that the bed springs wouldn’t be hitting me in the head all night.  C. I wouldn’t have to go through the frustration of listening to you two while not being allowed to stroke.  D, and most importantly, it is allowing me to spend extra time with you Mistress.”  I say the last one in a vain attempt at sucking up, though I do enjoy getting to spend time with her.

“I’m going to have to think really hard about your punishment on this one Nacho Nacho.  After all, you spent all that time planning this, so I should spend just as much time thinking up your punishment.  All I can say is it will be way worse than anything you’ve had before.  You will be begging for me to shove peppers up your butt when I get done with you.”

Humiliation Punishment Part Two: The Wrath Of Brighton

Brighton considered all the ways she could punish nacho pet, but most of those he was accustomed to, so she decided on a more diabolical humiliation punishment, and a good mindfuck to teach nacho a lesson.

“So nacho, I’ve decided I’m not going to punish you.”

Nacho looked at Miss Brighton as if she’d grown two more horns on her head, “Y-you’re not???”

She shook her head, “nope! Besides, everything I could possibly do to you, you have done on a regular basis, so punishment is just a regular day for you. Anyway, you better get dressed, we’re going to dinner in about an hour.”

Turning and leaving, Brighton shut the door on nacho pet, and left him dumbfounded. Over the next hour, he prepared for dinner in silence, wondering just what they’d be having for dinner. When he got downstairs, Brighton and Johnny were waiting in the foyer. “Ready to go, nacho?” she asked.

“Yes Miss Brighton, by the way may I ask where we’re going for dinner?”

The Mistress smiled, “why we’re going to your FAVORITE Mexican steakhouse! I know how much you love their loaded nachos and homemade melted cheese sauce…”

Nacho was drooling before she even finished her sentence. “Wow Mistress thank you, I don’t know how I could ever repay you for such a treat.”

She looked him up and down, “hmmm… well before we leave, take off the shirt, that’s not going to be suitable for dinner tonight.”

He looked up from where he was kneeling, “my shirt? Yes Miss.” He began to unbutton his shirt, wondering what she would have him wear instead.

“Fold it neatly and place it on the floor next to you, oh and take those pants off too.”

Nacho felt his face grow hot, and it wasn’t from any peppers this time. He nodded and obeyed.

“And the underwear and shoes.”

After completely undressing, nacho was kneeling naked in front of both of them, wondering what Mistress was up to, when she handed him a box. Nacho opened the box, and found some strange articles inside. He looked up at her confused, “what is this Miss Brighton?”

Nacho Joe’s Humiliation Punishment

She moved toward him and pointed at the box, “take the adult bladder control pants out first and put them on.”

Nacho was red faced and embarrassed at having to wear pampers in front of Johnny, he put them on slowly, looking down at the floor, and trying not to cry. They were big and bulky and did not look like something a mature alpha man would ever wear.

“Now… put the big pink bow around your neck, and the matching headband on.”

Nacho felt his lip quiver, Brighton’s eyes boring into him as he put on the bow and pink headband.

“Now take the pillbox speaker and put the strap around your neck. Then put the pink booties on.”

He bit down on his lower lip, knowing that he couldn’t start crying like a little bitch in front of Johnny, who was standing there, trying his best not to laugh. When he was done, he had on his sissy bitch outfit and a speaker hanging from his neck. Brighton took a step back to admire her handiwork, and chuckled. “Awww this is perfect! A much better outfit for you to wear to dinner! Now go outside and bring the car around.”

Nacho was humiliated, as he walked outside wearing nothing but the men’s bulky undies  and a big pink bow on his head and around his neck. The booties and pants made a crinkly whooshing sound when he walked, and he hurried to jump into the car before anyone else saw him. He was still puzzled as to why he had to wear the speaker around his neck.

The ride to the restaurant was humiliating to say the least. Miss Brighton and Johnny canoodling in the back seat, while he drove. Every stop light they caught, people were gawking and laughing when they looked in his direction, as Miss Brighton insisted on taking the top down on the car and enjoying the early night air. They finally arrived at the restaurant, nacho parking the car and opening the door for the Mistress and her bull. Miss Brighton instructed him to walk ahead and see if their table was ready.

Nacho’s walk of shame to the restaurant entrance – as they had parked several feet away – was even more embarrassing than the car ride. As he made his way to the restaurant, the speaker around his neck suddenly came on by itself, and started playing loud, amorous audio of Miss Brighton and her bull fucking. To nacho’s horror, the little pill speaker was quite loud, and people turned around to stare at him. Nacho wanted to crawl into the earth and disappear. The audio stopped just long enough for him to enter the restaurant, and give the host the reservation name. The hostess stopped laughing, just long enough to show him to their table, the audio started playing again, with patrons stopping and talking among themselves when they saw where the noise was coming from.

When he got to the table, there were only two seats, and a large platter of loaded nachos already in the center. The audio stopped again, and he heard Brighton’s voice behind him.

“Oh perfect! Thanks for getting our table nacho, we’ll see you after dinner.”

Nacho stammered, “wh-what do you mean Mistress???”

Brighton turned and gave him a cold look, “I said we were going to the steakhouse for dinner. I did not say you were eating with us. Now go wait in the parking lot until we’re done.”

Nacho had a feeling going to bed without his supper wasn’t going to be the only problem he had, tonight.

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