Face And Ball Slapping Torment

Face and ball slapping torment on free phone sex fridays? Hell yes! 1-800-601-6975

There’s a very good reason why I love phone sex with femdom enthusiasts. I get to do things with my callers that – because of my crazy schedule – I would be unable to do in real life. There were times when I seriously considered having a dungeon and taking clients. However I DO get to test out my BDSM bitch boots whenever the boy toy is home. One of the kinks we’ve explored is face and ball slapping torment. I have to admit that I enjoyed this way more than I thought I could. Thankfully the boy toy was happy to let me slap the unholy hellfire out of him. Yay me!

Face And Ball Slapping Torment

Getting humiliated and slapped in the face is a great way to give a whiny bitch an attitude adjustment. Ball slapping can escalate that attitude adjustment several notches, because who can think straight when they’ve just been kneed in the nuts? Face and ball slapping are not for the faint of heart, but if you’re game for some intense extreme femdom cock control, I am delighted to beat the schnapps out of you. Replace schnapps with the word that rhymes with schmiddt. But do you know my faaaaavorite thing about face and ball slapping torment? It’s fucking therapeutic when the male species gets on your last fucking nerve! I encourage my fellow Mistresses to beat their men. And not just when they are behaving like asshats, but as a constant reminder that those balls don’t belong to them.

Spinning The Face And Ball Slapping Wheel Of Doom

I love love LOVE wheel spinning games. You can use them for anything, and I have used them for EVERYTHING!!!!!! Sploshing phone sex, spanking wheels, so why not have a face and ball slapping wheel of doom? Where I get to let fate decide where I slap you and how many slaps you get for your trouble. All while being entertained on your fucking dime buddy. I have an idea of something I’d like to try that will involve a lengthy pass the penis call. Since free phone sex friday is coming up, maybe we’ll do that.

Set Up Your Schmiddt Kicking Face And Ball Slapping Torment Session

Yes I said schmiddt, because I’m a dork. Call me! 1-800-601-6975 and I will be happy to beat the hell out of you while I pleasure myself to the sounds of your pain and crying. Just ask for Brighton…


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