There is nothing that makes me feel more pampered, than being carried, or carted around by a human rickshaw. Which is why I love rickshaws. I had the pleasure of taking them in real life before, and there are two kinds: One is the bike driven version, and the other is more like your personal chariot, where a person pulls you around and takes you where you want to go. Great way to get your submissive some exercise!

Human Rickshaw Objectification

Just imagine you’ve come home from the spa ladies, and now you’re ready to do some shopping. Why your sub can hitch themselves up to the cart, and carry you and all your shopping bags! No need to walk and mess up your fresh pedicure or over exert yourself on busy streets. And your submissive human rickshaw gets the honor of being put on display as your pimped out human uber!

human rickshaw objectification

Get objectified with Mistress Brighton as her human rickshaw! 1-800-601-6975

Virtual Human Rickshaw

Of course if you are into humiliation and objectification, you can roleplay this out in the virtual world at our femdom sim. There are even places where your sub can “practice” their human rickshaw driving. Interested in treating your Mistress to the ultimate in pampering, and being shown off as her noble steed? Let’s chat! Call me at 1-800-601-6975 to set up a phone or virtual roleplay. Talk soon!


Mistress Brighton