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I felt that me and Harper’s nun picture was apropos for this post. Simply put: Tumblr has now banned all adult content. What does that mean? It means if you have a tumblr that is 18+ they have now stripped your avatar picture and hidden your blog from public view. Only people following you directly will be able to see your posts on there from now on. This has been ongoing as of the past year, when tumblr started flagging and deleting posts, whole accounts, and removing content from the tagged searches.

Tumblr Drama Llama

Why this is shitty: Tumblr has always been a place where freedom of expression and adult content could be posted, people could explore their kinks, find each other, and of course, those of us at LDW have used the platform to advertise and connect with our fans and callers alike.

What tumblr has done is now killed their user base and alienated a nice big chunk of their account holders, and caused unnecessary chaos and a mass exodus. In response people have begun leaving the site, and deleting their accounts. You do have the option to delete all adult content, appeal to tumblr and get your blog listed as SFW and visible, if for nothing else, than to redirect to newer more adult friendly platforms.

TLDR: Tumblr’s a fucking shithole, and here’s where you can reach me and possibly a few other ladies, in the future, outside of our blogs and twitter.

Alternatives To Tumblr

There are two lovely sites that you can sign up for and post kink to your hearts content, without having to worry about being nerfed. One is mastodon, where you can sign up for one of their adult servers. The other is BDSMLr which is an xrated version of the now defunked Tumblr platform. But the best part? My account on mastodon is on the kinky business server! And there’s a humblr.social server, but that one was down today which prompted my joining the former. @EnchantrixBrighton@kinky.business is where you can find me on mastodon. Sensual Domme Brighton is the name of my BDSMLr blog. As of right now these platforms are somewhat new, but they have a growing list of users.

Join Us On Discord

I am still on twitter, and Enchantrix Empire also has a discord chat server. The server was originally created to connect with our virtual world fans, but you do not have to be a member of the virtual world to use discord.  Mistress Harper’s Whore School server is also on discord! All you have to do is sign up and say hello! Click the hyperlink above, to join. I hope that you will join the rest of the tumblr deserters, kicked off the island, and sign up for bdsmlr and mastodon, if for nothing else than that kinky business is the coolest name for a server ever. I am saddened that tumblr is now run by morons who think pandering to be on apple’s app store, is more important than catering to the needs of their many users that have called the site home for years. But this is ‘murrca’ where turning social media sites into retail machines is apparently a priority. They can kiss my female presenting ass.


Mistress Brighton