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Mistress Brighton’s Sirens At Sea Part II 1-800-601-6975

One of the things you may have immediately noticed, last week, is that not only was I not on, but neither were quite a few other Mistresses. So what caused this mass exodus? Why none other than Sirens At Sea Part II, a Mistress get together, paired with my birthday, paired with a virtual Mistress initiation and also a spiritual initiation… and all hosted by Miss Ally, who insisted on steering the ship. We all survived by the way or I wouldn’t be blogging about it.

Sirens At Sea Part II – Mistresses On A Boat

I’m sure you’re wondering just how many of us – including a few dispatchers – were actually allowed to be unsupervised on a massive cruise ship together? LOADS! Mistress Erika has already blogged about her sexy vacation at sea, so make sure to check out her funny story of femdom teasing. I’m sure sexy Mistress Scarlet will also have a blog for you soon, and Lilly “might” tell you a naughty tale or two if you ask nicely. There were so many of us in attendance, that I’m pretty sure the waitstaff was blushing and adjusting their shorts when we were done with them. I had the pleasure of meeting Mistress Mandy, Mistress Lena, and the lovely and adorable Miss Phoenix on the cruise!

Enchantrix Sirens Know How To Party

So what’s it like being in the middle of the ocean with a bunch of sexy Femdoms? Being pampered on vacation is ramped up a notch when Dommes are present. Mistress Lena can tell you all about her cute lady friends, and the hot stud she encountered. I can tell you about the waiter with a foot fetish, who brought me cocktails and swooned at the sensual array of bare Mistress feet and legs, on the ship. I couldn’t pass up visiting the spa and getting a full body rub down, from a pair of strong hands, myself. And I’m happy to announce that I did get one last chance to bare it all and work on my tan. Are you envisioning my long legs and cute round ass, oiled up and shimmering under the sun? I thought so…

When Memory Fades

However I would be remiss if I didn’t tell you that tequila was my friend on that trip. However one of my favorite parts of the trip, was explaining phone sex and sploshing to a comedienne on the trip, to which she replied that maybe she needed to switch professions, LMAO!!!!  I enjoy the variety of facial expressions I get, telling people, that not only do I dominate men (and sometimes women) but I also make them sit on pies, for me. We had an amazing time bonding with all that Mistress energy, and it could be felt by all around us. These women are a force of nature, and rightfully so!

Cards Against My What??

Motorboating happened lots because I was surrounded by awesome boobies, and Erika had me in stitches, she is a WHIP and quite the seductive minx! Oh and a cruise just isn’t a cruise without a game of CAH (cards against humanity), where I explained to Mandy why I sign all my blog posts with “Fuck off.” BTW, I need to do more calls with Mandy & Lena, just saying… that is A LOT of sexy right there, those two. My first time meeting them both and now I have two more girl crushes. Phoenix….. le swoon…. Willow was also in attendance and man.. you guys are missing out if you haven’t done a Femdom phone sex call with her, she knows how to make EVERYTHING quiver.

What Happens On The Boat..

Seriously guys, so much happened that I won’t be able to fit it all in here – plus there’s some stuff I just can’t tell you… had to be there, and also… weirdo stalkers!!!! – HOWEVER if you would like to know all the dirty details of what happened on MY cabin balcony, you’re going to have to call me! Hey make my dreams come true and schedule a 2 or 3 mistress with me, Lena and Mandy. The trip, as with all Mistress meet-ups was legendary. So when’s the NEXT Mistress get together?? SORRY! Can’t tell you that either, you’ll just have to call us for now.. and squirm..


Mistress Brighton